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PU – Our PU core is compression molded to the highest standards and has been the lightweight, durable go to for years.
Vector Net - This unique carbon weave adds specific strength properties to boards that your standard fiberglass cannot achieve. It also looks cool as hell!
Pro Glass Layup – We engineered unique combinations of special fiberglass weaves to give you the ultimate performance and response on and off the wake. This custom blend of materials increases the board’s strength, improves flexural rebound, and reduces weight.
Single Concave - Center concave softens landing.
Double Concave - Increased acceleration and pop while maintaining soft landings
Triple Concave – Hull shape with the fastest release off the tail.
DISC (Double Inside Single Concave) - Softens landings and maintains faster board speed as water flows out tail.
Split Tip - Increased Control and Board Feel.
V-Tip Channel – Added lift off of the wake
Concaved Beveled Rail – Smooth and catch-free on the rails with bit and hold on the water.
Low Volume Rail – Faster on Edge with more hold, smooth and catch-free through the center.
Quad Blades - For that sharp, aggressive bite.
Center – Tracking and control for edging into and out of the wake.
Molded fins – Smooth edged fins without the hassle of hardware.