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All Wood – Precision CNC’d profiled wood to give you a more spring loaded flex with rebound.
Wood/PU - Our wood/pu cores give you the best of both worlds… the flex and spring of a solid wood core and the strength and resilience of a pu/core. Whether you are hitting the cable or out behind the boat this core will make sure you are at the height of your game!
Triax – Extra strength and extra flex… Why not? This layup provides you with added torsional rigidity and increased longitudinal flex.
Biax – Lightweight while maintaining a snappy flex and rebound.
Vector Net - This unique carbon weave adds specific strength properties to boards that your standard fiberglass cannot achieve. It also looks cool as hell!
Grind Base – Get the strongest base possible while maintaining the performance features of each finely tuned hull shape. Our Grind Base molds to the board’s contours and provides solid protection all season long and is available in a wide range of colors and styles for all park and all terrain models.
Flat – Easy to get up on, easy to learn on, easy to hit that first kicker.
Single Concave - Center concave softens landing.
Double Concave – Increased acceleration and pop while maintaining soft landings.
Triple Concave – Hull shape with the fastest release off the tail.
DISC (Double Inside Single Concave) - Softens landings and maintains faster board speed as water flows out tail.
Liquid Rail – Our elastomeric sidewalls deliver unsurpassed durability and strength for your endless cable park progression. This color coded material moves with your board as it flexes and keeps it together through every hit and rail you can dish out.
Concave Bevel Rail– Smooth and catch-free on the rails with bite and hold on the water
Quad Slider - These park fins have a flattened top to allow you to hit all the kickers at your local park and still give you the bite you need going around the corners
Finless - Sometimes less is more. Why have fins if you don’t use them. Daniel Grant doesn’t so why should you?