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Liquid Force

Peak Hybrid
Ride in complete control on this all-around whip!

All new for 2014, the PEAK is Nico’s new all-around whip. Completely redesigned inside and out, the PEAK features an all-wood core with a single concave into dual channel/concave tip. This hull shape allows Nico to ride finless in parks with complete control. Finned up, the PEAK lets you edge as hard as you can with positive hold. Mid-body edge channels and a concave beveled edge complete the package to keep your PEAK performance in control and catch-free on any of your park’s features. Dialed into Nico’s own flex preference, you’ll expand your riding on this new shape.

All-Wood CNC’d Core
Thin profiled lightweight core for increased board sensitivity and responsive flex

Center Concave with Edge Channels
Concave softens landing and maintains speed while edge channels increase control and hold

Concaved Beveled Rail
Smooth & catch-free on rails, with bite & hold on the water

Lightweight Biax Glass Layup
Our special weave provides the proper spring & snappy flex

Aggressive, Three Stage Rocker

LF Slider Quad Fin Setup

LF Exclusive GRIND Base

LF Exclusive Liquid Rail

Hybrid Technology

Board Length (cm)
111-118 118-130 124-134 130-138 134-142 138-146 142-146 146
Rider Weight (lbs)
25-70 40-85 65-110 70-130 100-170 150-225 170-250+ 200-275+

Peak Hybrid

“It all started when I showed the Art Department a flyer that I drew for my birthday party when we were talking about the 2011 graphics. Scot, the Art Director said I should give it a go. It worked out and my drawings ended up on the Peak!

Tarek, a graphic designer from Germany did the computer work to put in colors and some more graphical details, the logos etc. It was basically the same procedure for 2014, except this time I painted the colors in addition to the original ink drawing. When I thought about what to draw I was just playing around with different ideas, until I got the theme of the contrast of nature to artificial/technical. I tried to put this together with painting a tree that grows out of all those pipes and cables.

I think you can interpret this in a few ways. The tree stands above the industrial things, showing that nature is still superior. It could also hint at what we are doing to our nature, modifying all the plants to get bigger yields for example. Anyways, I hope you like it!”