RDX Wakeboard

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Raph Derome’s RDX may feel familiar to those that have ridden a Watson Classic shape in the past, as it borrows some characteristics that generate a solid, predictable drive into and off of any wake. A modern version of the Classic, the RDX makes sure Raph has a playful, yet harder charging ride beneath him for the ultimate boat riding performance. The quad molded-in fins are deep enough for bite when needed, but still allow for a fun, loose ride when desired. A single-inside-double concave center softens all your landings and keeps the board moving forward at a steady pace. With a more aggressive rocker template than the Classic, this board is built to take you to the moon! The RDX’s unique tip channels give an easy edge to edge acceleration that, when asked to, can turn on a dime. The board is a true boat board that lets you choose your speed, depending on your moods.

Flex 2      Performance 5-10

Length Width Rocker Stance Range Rider Weight
134 52.8"
134.0 cm
42.7 cm
6.4 cm
21.0" - 25.0"
53.3 - 63.5 cm
90 - 170 lbs
40 - 77 kg
138 54.3"
138.0 cm
43.8 cm
6.7 cm
22.0" - 26.0"
55.9 - 66.0 cm
130-210 lbs
60 - 95 kg
142 55.9"
142.0 cm
44.4 cm
6.9 cm
23.0" - 27.0"
58.4 - 68.6 cm
160 - 240 lbs
72 - 110 kg
Liquid Force RDX Wakeboard
Liquid Force RDX Wakeboard
Liquid Force RDX Wakeboard


3 Stage Rocker

3 Stage Rocker

Break in rocker curve for aggressive riding style - Flatter center curve for speed & rail control - Exaggerated exit angle through tip gives a bucking pop off wake.
Disc Hull

Disc Hull

Softens landings and maintains faster board speed as water flows out of the tail.
Low Volume Rails

Low Volume Rails

Faster on edge with more hold, smooth and catch-free through the center.
Concave Bevelled Rail

Concave Bevelled Rail

Smooth and catch-free on the rails with bite and hold on the water.
Vee Tip Channel

Vee Tip Channel

Added lift off of the wake.
Pro Glass Layup

Pro Glass Layup

We engineered unique combinations of special fiberglass weaves to give you the ultimate performance and response on and off the wake. This custom blend of materials increases the board’s strength, improves flexural rebound, and reduces weight.
Molded Side Fins

Molded Side Fins

Smooth edged fins without the hassle of hardware.
Boat Style

Boat Style

These boards are designed and created specifically to provide you with the most enjoyment behind your boat!