Chase Hazen's NEW shape for 2015! The Machine is a new performance design that delivers exceptional glide, tight turning radiuses and hacks, and the ability to boost on command. A clean single concave hull with crisp rails and a full outline make this Machine race down the line! With a double wing squaretail shape, The Machine is able to project and pivot on a dime giving you one very playful surfer. The Machine comes with three sets of fins to give you maximum versatility and performance. Ride it as a quad with large sides up front and either the small rear fins for solid drive and thrust out of the wake, or the smaller “Stubby’s” for a looser feel. As a tri-fin, use the larger set up front and one of the small fins in the center rear box for tight, positive control. As a twin fin with only the large outside fins up front, the Machine becomes very loose and able to spin.

Double Wing Squaretail Shape for Solid Performance
Full nose & pulled in tail curve for projection and tight turning fun

Performance Lightweight EPS Core
Precision cut and finish hand shaped one at a time

Clean Single Concave Hull
Speed, flow, and lift for increased glide

Versatile 5 Fin Setup Options w/ 3 sets of fins
Ride it as a Twin, Tri, or a Quad – Large outside set… Small rear set… Small Stubbie rear fin

Front and Rear EVA Grooved Traction with Archbars & Kickstops
The ultimate grip and control to stay attached while flying.

Length Width Rocker Volume Weight Range
4' 2" 50.0"
127.0 cm
48.3 cm
2.4" N/1.1" T
6.1 / 2.7 cm
14.5 L Up to 150 lbs
Up to 68 kg
4' 6" 54.0"
137.2 cm
2.6" N/1.2" T
6.6 / 2.8 cm
18.4 L Up to 180 lbs
Up to 82 kg
4' 10" 58.0"
147.3 cm
49.6 cm
2.8" N/1.3" T
7.1 / 3.2 cm
21.1 L 150 - 200 lbs
68 - 91 kg
5' 2" 62.0"
157.4 cm
50.8 cm
3.0" N/1.3" T
7.6 / 3.4 cm
25.2 L 180 - 203+ lbs
81 - 105+ kg

Liquid Force Machine Wakesurfers
4' 2"
Liquid Force Machine Wakesurfers
4' 6"
Liquid Force Machine Wakesurfers
4' 10"
Liquid Force Machine Wakesurfers
5' 2"

Liquid Force Machine Wakesurfer
Chase Hazen
Liquid Force