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Liquid Force

Enjoy the Glide!

The Noserider is full of fun, no matter what level of rider you are. It’s a performance long-board shape that’s been reduced in size to perfectly fit your boat’s wake for both cruising and carving. It can be ridden with a 2+1 fin setup, or as single for a looser feel. Move the center fin up to turn quicker, or put it back for drawing out your turns with style. Step up your riding and enjoy the glide on a Noserider!

Lightweight Hand-Finished Stringer Core
Faithfully re-creating Jimmy’s original master…Light and just right…

Full Nose Outline with Concave
Nose ride with control, lift and glide!

Double Concave Hull
The concave provides lift and acceleration that keeps you in the wake.

2+1 Fin Removable Set-Up
Single box for center fin provides adjustability for the turning radius you want.  Outside side fins can be removed for added looseness if needed.

Full Deck EVA Grooved Traction Pads
From nose to tail, you have sure footed control and grip.


Board Size Rider Weight (lbs)
4’0” - 4’4” 160 and under
4’4” - 4’8” 115 to 195
4’8” - 5’0” 125 to 225
5’0” - 5’4” 155 to 235
5’4” - 5’8”+ 185 +
*all recommendations vary depending on wake size and user’s ability.