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The Do It All park board for the Do It All rider

The Apex has all new sizes this year including a 149 for those looking for a groovier ride. Using a continuous rocker profile, Loic's board is fast on the water with plenty of edge-to-edge response. The clean base with edge and tip channels make the Apex free on rails while allowing for bite for massive air tricks.

  • Loic Deschaux Pro Model
  • Full Rounded Squaretail Shape
  • Hybrid Continuous Rocker
  • Paulownia Profiled CNC'd Wood Core
  • Variable Radius Single Concave Hull with Edge and Lifted Rail Design
  • Equipped with LF Exclusive 4-Up FlexBar Inserts, Beveled Liquid Rails, and Sintered Grind Base
  • Optimized with LF 6X/6R Bindings | Compatible with All 6" Bindings
  • Sizes: 134 | 139 | 144 | 149

Apex USP's 2023
Special Sauce 300px

Each size of the Apex was fine tuned for optimal flex as well as ultimate response. This allows the same flex feeling for a larger rider as it would for a small rider ensuring the best possible experience no matter what size you ride.


The bottom was designed with what we call a lifted rail integration. This gives the bottom of the board a slight raised profile at the edges of the board to aid in a catch-free ride over rails and other obstacles.


The variable radius single concave bottom produces less drag while you are up on your feet and riding. The variable radius makes it extra playful on the tips on the water and on features. It allows for soft landings and a more comfortable ride.


Our 4up flex bar offers multiple stance options whilst being able to flex and move with the board. This eliminates dead flex spots on the board and provides a smoother more consistent flex pattern.

Apex USP's 2023
Loic Deschaux

J’ai pensé et développé cette planche avec Liquide Force pour les riders experts comme débutants, avec un savant mélange de flex, de précision et de tolérance pour tous les terrains. C’est une planche légère, robuste et incisive dans les coupes pour les air tricks. Elle est douce sur les replaques avec une glisse parfaite sur les modules grâce à ses champs incurvés. Vous n’avez plus qu’à lui apprendre à rider.

Apex USP's 2023