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Despite Mother Nature’s dampening of the day with some rain just before tee time, the third annual BROstock Charity Golf Tournament at Tan-Tar-A Resort went off bigger and better than ever. Per usual the golfing played second fiddle to the extra curricular activities taking place at each hole, but the laughs all day long from every participant were just proof that all was more than okay.

Dozens of fans and friends came out to participate in the charity tournament and were paired with one or two of the 18 pro riders on hand for the weekend. Highlights from the 9-hole scramble included the Stateamind par 3 hole. If anybody knocked in a hole-in-one on that hole, the team from Stateamind was offering up a free Axis. Unfortunately nobody connected perfectly (or even close to perfectly, for that matter). The Spy hole featured some crazy fiesta activities, complete with tequila, sombreros, and a piñata. The Alliance hole, sponsored by Ole Smoky Moonshine and Kicker Audio, came complete with the staff dressed up for a redneck beach party. Regardless of the level of play from each player, the moonshine was a big hit. Apparently the 100 proof White Lightning flavor is also quite flammable… One of the biggest highlights of the day might have been the appearance of the one-and-only Jersey Joe, who has become a staple at BROstocks for years. Jersey was running around golfing with his good buddy Danny Hampson and enjoying the fun. By the end of the day spirits were at an all time high, no matter what place groups finished in, and it was capped off with a Happy Hour hangout at The Flying Tortoise to pick heats for the main event: BROstock double up contest.

Judging by the heats the competition is gearing up to be totally insane. Be sure to head out to Captain Ron’s to catch (and participate in) the madness. The contest starts at 2:00 and the top two riders from each heat will advance to the ten man semifinal on Saturday.