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Congrats JD & cheers to Harley Clifford & Bob Soven on their 2nd and 3rd!


The tenth edition of BROstock came to another amazing end at Lake of the (BR)Ozarks today. With hundreds of boats coming together to form an epic flotilla, the eight riders in the finals took the sky to lay down their best tricks in attempt to get the $15,000 first place prize. Harley Clifford was first off the dock and he set the bar incredibly high. His first hit of the day he stomped a clean indy double tantrum and the rest of the riders knew the game was on. Shortly after Harley's ride though, JD Webb stepped up to the plate with an insane wrapped nose grab toe back 9. Everybody went nuts seeing JD step up like that, especially given this is his first BROstock in over five years. Other highlights from the final round included Steel Lafferty's unbelievably large backside 1080 attempt that he nearly landed and Randall Harris' signature nose grab half cab front way, way, way into the flats.

After the riding ended the party on the flotilla continued well into the afternoon. Riders mingled with the masses and a good time was had by all, with the party eventually making its way back to shore for the awards ceremony and after party. The crowd gathered to find out who came away with the $15k, and most knew it was between Harley and JD. In the end the judges awarded JD's style and technicality over Harley's double flip, and he came away the winner of the tenth annual BROstock.

Over the years BROstock has evolved from a houseboat hangout at Lake Powell to the biggest double up contest and party of the year. The list of winners and tricks landed from throughout the years is a testament to the impact has had on wakeboarding's progression. The number of fans who continue to come watch the best wakeboarders in the world and have a good time is a testament to the impact BROstock has had on wakeboarding as a whole. Here is the list of past BROstock champions (BROstock has been around for ten years, but wasn't a contest until it's third year).

2008: Jimmy LaRiche
2009: Danny Harf
2010: Danny Harf
2011: Adam Fields
2012: Adam Errington
2013: Randall Harris
2014: Harley Clifford
2015: JD Webb

Many thanks to the sponsors who made #BRO10 come together: Monstery Energy, Axis Wake, Spy, GoPro, New Era, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Ethika, Sun Bum, Sanuk, Rockwell Watches, and Captain Ron's. Thanks most of all to all the fans who make an event like this possible. Stay tuned to alliancewake.com and BROstock.com for full video episodes of all the action and shenanigans.


With rain at Lake of the Ozarks in the morning there was worry that BROstock 2015 wouldn't get off to a good start, but Mother Nature decided to play nice and bless the double up hitters and the raging partiers with some sunshine. The first round of riding went off without a hitch as all 16 riders launched off the double ups served up by the one-and-only Gregg Necrason behind the signature BROstock Axis A24.

As the party raged in the flotilla from the over 100 boats in attendance, all the riders tried to put down their best tricks in order to make it to the semifinals on Saturday. Highlights from the day included Shane Bonifay's toeside tail grab back 5, Dean Smith's indy KGB, Jeff Langley's huge air, and Randall Harris' signature nose grab half cab front way into the flats. With Silas Thurman and Kevin Henshaw as the official judges all the riders knew they had to be on point with their tricks in order to make it to the next round of riding.

The contest wrapped up just in time, as minutes after the last rider finished the skies opened up and it started raining. That just meant the party at Captain Ron's got off to an earlier start, which around these parts is never really a bad thing. Be sure to join the fun tomorrow, either with us out on Lake of the BROzarks or via live stream at www.brostock.com. It is guaranteed to be both a good time with some of the best riding in the world.



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The tenth annual BROstock kicked off today in another epic fashion. For the fourth time BROstock the fun began with the charity golf tournament at Tan-Tar-A Resort, an event that has become one of the most fun aspects of the entire Bro experience. Fans from all over were paired with some of the best riders in the world and the shenanigans ensued for nine holes of hilarity. Some carts might have been banged up, some Not Beers were definitely consumed, and a good time was had by all. As always there was a different adventure/task awaiting each group of golfers at every hole. The team from State of Mind made golfers at their hole tee off with a Louisville Slugger, while the Alliance bros made any golfer who missed the green at their par 3 do a "shoey"... The highlight of the day though belonged to the one-and-only BROstock veteran Jimmy LaRiche who managed to double eagle a par 5 with a shot from about 150 yards out. It was probably the most epic shot in the history of the charity tournament.

Following the tournament all the riders and fans gathered at the Nauti Fish bar and restaurant to have a little kickoff party and choose the riding order for the contest. Bob Soven, Jimmy LaRiche, Steel Lafferty and Adam Fields represented the four heats of riders and drew names to see who they would be riding against on Friday. Here's how the names shook out.

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