HORIZON SURF 120 FRONT WING | Relentless Innovation | Liquid Force
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The Horizon 120 is a faster speed wing with great stability and pump-ability. Best suited behind medium to large boats the 120 also works well winging and prone. The 3k prepreg carbon fibre has a huge weight to strength ratio and doesn’t use unnecessary additional resin keeping it light and responsive. Advanced riders will love the Carbon 120 with its fast lightweight feel and capable of tackling anything you put in front of it #FOILANYTHING

This medium aspect wing is for all levels and abilities. With a low-speed lift, these foils are geared to excel within all conditions found on the lake. They are optimized for Wakesurf boat and, depending on the size, can be foiled on everything from a jet ski to large fast wakes.

  • Horizon 120 Front Wing - Surface Area 1200 cm² | 80 cm Wingspan
  • Part Number: 2235314