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Surf in the morning, shred the foil in the afternoon…all-in-one dual threat board!

The award-winning POD Foil board is the POD Wakesurfer with the addition of our foil track system and extra reinforcement. The board comes with a quad fin set up for wakesurfing and a transition plate to allow your foil to mount directly to the board. The corduroy Deck traction and additional horizontal texture breaks give you a visual and tangible aide to find the perfect foot placement. Save space on the boat and have a surfer and a foil in one package.

  • Stringerless EPS Core
  • Dual Purpose Design – Built to Foil or Wakesurf
  • Dura-Surf Construction
  • Quad Fin Set Included
  • LF Exclusive Foil Track
  • Corduroy Deck Pad
  • Pre-Drilled Foot Strap Inserts
  • Sizes: 4'4" | 4'9"
Length (in) Width (in) Thickness (in) Volume (L) Weight Range (lbs)
4'4" 19.53 1.65 18.75L Up to 210
4'9" 20 1.73 22.75L 200+
  • Dura-Surf Shell
    • A CNC EPS Core with a wrapped outer shell that is meant to take a beating 
  • Stringer-less EPS Core
    • Our most durable, lightweight construction
  • Multi-sport use (Surfing/Foiling)
    • Remove the side fins for an all-around, durable, user-friendly board to foil. Put the fins in and have a high performance, fun, wake surf machine.