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  • Team Combo


    <p>Durability and functionality come together in the Liquid Force Team Combo. The T66061 aircraft aluminum bar is wrapped in a precision cut and brushed EVA teardrop grip. No more hand fatigue or handle pop thanks to this proven ergonomically shaped teardrop shape. Packaged with the newly designed H-Braid mainline. H-Braid has an ultradurable Polypropylene woven jacket over 100% Dyneema no stretch, and no recoil core allows anyone to ride like a pro without breaking the bank!</p> <br> <ul> <li>Team End Cap Eliminates Handle Roll</li> <li>Teardrop Grip Ergonomically Precision Cut EVA Design</li> <li>T66061 Aluminum Bar - No Flex, No Bend, And Super Light Weight</li> <li>Team "Y" Connect Secure Splice Lead Line Connector For Reduces Tangles</li> <li>H-Braid Mainline With Polypro High Abrasion Jacket, Digital Weave, 100% Dyneema Core</li> <li>70' Total Length - 50' Mainline + 10' + 5' + 5' Handle</li> </ul>

  • Surf 9" DLX Coil Combo


    <p>Find the "sweet spot" on any wave, by grabbing onto the spiral-braided section on the Liquid Force Coiled surf rope. The solid coils insure you have a firm grip. This surf rope also incorporates a 9" round soft EVA handle with side foam floats and a sturdy 5/8" line with an additional float. Grab on and pull yourself into the pocket then toss the rope for the perfect endless wave!</p> <br> <ul> <li>9" Round EVA With Molded EVA Safety Floats</li> <li>Coiled Spiral-Braided Rope Section For Easy Board Positioning</li> <li>Easy Length Adjustment Loops On Boat End</li> <li>28mm Round Brushed EVA Grip </li> <li>5/8" Durable PE Fiber Line Resists Fading</li> <li>Foam Floats ON Mainline</li> <li>24' Braided PE Mainline with 3-Sections</li> </ul>

  • Learn to Surf Combo


    <p>Liquid Force designed a new surf rope just for beginners. The Learn to Surf Rope features a comfortable grip handle and in-line shock absorbing hand grip. Easy on your arms the shock absorbing float help prevent handle yank. For a smooth predictable pull your beginners on the boat will love the Learn to Surf Rope. Get up fast and fun with the Learn to Surf Combo.</p> <br> <ul> <li>8.5" Round EVA Grip With Soft Dip Molded End Caps</li> <li>10" Line Shock Absorbing Hand Grip</li> <li>Easy Length Adjustment Loops On Boat End</li> <li>29mm Round Brushed EVA Grip</li> <li>5/8" Durable PE Fiber Line Resists Fading</li> <li>24' Braided PE Mainline with 3-Sections</li> </ul>