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  • Rhythm


    <p><strong>Built for the rider that loves to fly around the park and expects quick, edge to edge response...gets you from rail to rail faster than any other board!</strong></p> <p>When riding to your own Rhythm, everything falls into place and creativity reaches an all time high! Guenther's park board features our flex tip technology for insane presses and a durable sintered Grind base that can handle anything you want to throw at it. See what kind of lines you can link up at the park, as you find your own Rhythm.</p> <br> <ul> <li>Guenther Oka Pro Model</li> <li>Diamond Squaretail | Inverted Sidecut Ends | Concave Beveled Rail</li> <li>Aggressive Continuous Rocker</li> <li>Paulownia Wood CNC'd Core</li> <li>Single Concave Finless Hull & Edge Channels</li> <li>FlexZone Concave Tip Channels</li> <li>Equipped with LF Exclusive Flextrack, Liquid Rails, and Sintered Grind Base</li> <li>Optimized for LF 4D Bindings | Compatible with All Bindings</li> <li>Sizes: 140 | 144 | 148</li> </ul>

  • Butterstick Pro


    <p><strong>Arguably the most playful board in our lineup due to the unique flex tips...for any rider looking to press hard on rails, yet still looking for solid support underfoot for landings!</strong></p> <p>Felix has a style all his own and extremely fun to watch. Almost as much fun as the Butterstick Pro is to ride! This thing will let you get into some of the most exaggerated presses, so strap in and see where the Butterstick Pro can take you!</p> <br> <ul> <li>Felix Georgii Pro Model</li> <li>Super Flexi Diamondtail Shape</li> <li>Progressive 3-Stage Rocker</li> <li>Uniique 3D Flexzone Tip Design - Incredible Presses Unlocked!</li> <li>Full Paulownia Wood Profiled Core</li> <li>Variable Radius Single Concave Finless Hull</li> <li>Equipped with LF Exclusive Flextrack, Beveled Liquid Rail Sidewalls, and Sintered Grind Base</li> <li>Optimized for LF 4D Bindings | Compatible with All Bindings</li> <li>Sizes: 140 | 144 | 148 | 152</li> </ul>

  • Rhyme


    <p><strong>A purpose built board with a lower profile and extra core strength, designed to be loose and fast and to cut through chop and fly up any monster wake!</strong></p> <p>As one of the top wakeboarders on the scene, Guenther needed a board that can keep up with him! The Rhyme has tons of board feel and rebound, with minimal drag. Its 3-Stage Rocker helps you boost off the steepest wakes, and the Paulownia wood core does the rest as our liveliest boat board, hands down.</p> <br> <ul> <li>Guenther Oka Pro Model</li> <li>Diamond Split Tip Shape with Inverted Sidecut Ends</li> <li>Aggressive 3-Stage Rocker</li> <li>Paulownia Wood CNC'd Core</li> <li>Triple Concave Hull with Edge Channels | Concave Beveled Rail</li> <li>LF DuraBase with Molded-In Fins</li> <li>Equipped with LF Exclusive NEW 4-Up Strip Bar Insert Pack</li> <li>Optimized for LF 6X/6R Bindings | Compatible with All 6" Bindings</li> <li>Sizes: 134 | 139 | 144</li> </ul>