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Results for Dura-Surf Series

  • Reign


    <p>Jake Caster needed something light, fast and his pro model, the Reign, was developed with that in mind. This high performance skim shape incorporates our lightweight AERO Core technology. With a precision CNC’d lightweight PVC core with two C4 carbon strips on the deck and base, you're left with a snappy response and ultimate skim slayer. The rounded pintail shape has crisp sharp rails nose to tail with a mellow single concave running throughout to give Jake’s board a fast, effortless and smooth glide across the water. A slight concaved deck with grooved traction and the low profile SK fin provides positive board control during any trick you can dream of. You will be ruling the wake on the all new Reign!</p> <br> <ul> <li>Jake Caster Pro Model</li> <li>AERO Core with Carbon Reinforcement</li> <li>Single Concave</li> <li>Sharp Rails</li> <li>Dual Texture EVA Track Pad</li> <li>Single SK Fin</li> <li>Sizes: 50" | 53" | 56" | 59"</li> </ul> <p>Coming Spring 2022</p>

  • Raven


    <p>For surfers wanting to take their skim style riding to the next level, the Raven is going to be their new "go-to" shred stick. The Raven is offered in 48" and 52" for the lighter surfers bridging the gap from the Swami to the Reign. The Raven features a wider tail which allows the board to stay in the wave with ease, yet has a narrower outline toward the nose making the board turn and carve with ease. Are you ready to elevate your riding?</p> <br> <ul> <li>AERO Core with Carbon Reinforcement</li> <li>Single Concave</li> <li>Sharp Rails</li> <li>Dual Texture EVA Traction Pad</li> <li>Single SK Fin</li> <li>Sizes: 48" | 52"</li> </ul>