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First time grabbing a handle?

Probably when I was like three years old at the cable park my dad ran back then.

Where is home?

I grew up in a region called Allgäu in the south of Germany. Now I live in Cologne, one of the coolest cities on earth, with my girlfriend, our son and our two cats.

You make the best…?

Risotto. Ask those who tried it, it’s really good.

The greatest thing about Liquid Force?

Everyone working at LF is in it for the love of wakeboarding and the great friendships that have formed through it. Doesn’t feel like business, but more like a friend project that turned into this brand with the raddest product and the sickest team out there.

Describe your average day

Get waken up by my son Nalu. Have breakfast together, go play in a park outside. Lunch with my girlfriend Nane while he does his lunchtime nap. Bring him to his half-daycare place, drive to Langenfeld or Wakebeach to ride. When Nalu is back from daycare we play some more, read and if we’re lucky and he sleeps soon, we can catch up on work a bit before falling to bed. As we have lots going on though days very rarely look like this though.

Favorite animal?

I really like animals, which is why it is hard to pick a favorite one and which is why I don’t eat any of them.


From people who have achieved greatness in what they do while still being humble and doing things to help others or our planet.

Best board graphic in the history of the world?

The LF Trip graphics by Drew Brophy. As a kid when I was like 5 or 6 years old, I was trying to paint those all the time!

Parting words?

I hope to see you out there!

Nico Von Lerchenfeld