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Liquid Force Rhythm Wakeboard


The Rhythm is the edge to edge machine that will have you charging the park like Guenther Oka!

Guenther Oka rides to his own rhythm and its an explosive ride! His board is no different as our fastest edge to edge responding board in the line with added flex tip technology to press till your heart is content. See what lines you can link up in the park and ride to your own Rhythm.

  • Guenther Oka Pro Model
  • Diamond Squaretail | Inverted Side Cut Ends | Concave Bevelled Rail
  • Aggressive Continuous Rocker
  • Paulownia Wood CNC'd Core
  • Single Concave Finless Hull & Edge Channels
  • FlexZone Concave Tip Channels
  • Equipped with LF Exclusive FlexTrack, Liquid Rails, and Sintered Grind Base
  • Optimized Flex with LF 4D Bindings | Compatible with All Bindings
  • Sizes: 140 | 144 | 148

Rhythm UPC's
Special Sauce 300px

The variable radius single concave bottom produces less drag while you are up on your feet and riding. The variable radius makes it extra playful on the tips on the water and on features. It allows for soft landings and a more comfortable ride.


The Rhythm is equipped with what we like to call, Linear Axis Flex. Liquid Rail strategically placed longitudinally in the tips to give the board an independent flex from center to rail. This makes it easier to initiate a turn and have a snappy response coming out of it, while the edge is able to grab and hold its track more.


The balance of release and smoothness depends on how rounded the corners are. This diamond tail blend and inverted sidecuts offer more control while maintaining area.

Rhythm Wakeboard
Guenther Oka

The ultimate park weapon. This board was built out of intensity and precision. It was designed to get you from point A to B as quickly as possible. Its rigidity adds a response that allows for high quality ripping across plastic, metal, and concrete. This board has a Rhythm of its own if you choose to follow it

Rhythm UPC's