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  • Harley Ultra Combo


    <p>When Harley Clifford designed his signature handle, he combined the comfort of a round bar and added grip of a more ergonomically oval designed shape. Harley added Impact Gel for superior grip and less hand fatigue.</p> <p>Harley finished off his grip with a fashionable and comfortable UltraSuede wrap. The Harley Ultra gel is combined with LF's coated 100% Dyneema Vision Line for the smoothest pull on the water!</p> <br> <ul> <li>Harley Clifford's Signature Combo</li> <li>Pro End Cap - Durable Injection Molded Nylon with No-Splice Connection</li> <li>Ergonomic Oval Design - Ultra Suede Wrap with Strategically Placed Impact Gel Inserts for Ccomfort</li> <li>30mm Diameter Grip | Round T66061 Aluminum Bar<li> <li>Pro "Y" Connect - No Splice Secure Connection Reduces Tangles</li> <li>Vision Main Line - PU Coated 100% Dyneema No Stretch Fiber</li> <li>80' Total Length - 55' Mainline + 10' + 5' + 5' + 5' Handle</li> </ul>