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Sting LTD Product Images

Sting LTD

This Limited version of our very popular Sting surfboard is revamped, revved up, and ready to shred!

Equipped with a new carbon Innegra lightweight and durable construction, this is the lightest surfboard in the line. Featuring a clear hex grip front traction and carbon honeycomb thruster fin set up, the Sting LTD is ultra-quick and turns on a dime. The concave wing design running throughout the mid-section of the board helps keep this weapon of a surfer fast and primed for an epic session. Time to make room for one more board in your quiver, the Sting LTD is bound to be your new favorite ride.

  • Carbon Innegra Construction
  • Hand Lamination
  • CNC'd EPS Foam with Surf Stringers
  • Single Concave Hull Flowing into Rear Quad Channels
  • New Clear Hex Grip Front Traction Pad
  • Carbon Honeycomb Surf Fins
  • Squash Tail
  • Sizes: 4'6" | 4'10"

Coming Soon!

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Sting LTD Product Images
Sting LTD Product Images
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Carbon Innegra Lightweight Construction

A blend of carbon and innegra to give a balanced layup of strength and stiffness created through the carbon component and then adding the impact strength and resistance through the innegra component.

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Concave Wing

A concave slot running underneath the wing adds lift and frees up the rail, allowing the board to turn quickly and easily without loss of speed.

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Carbon Honeycomb Fin

Lightweight and stiff thruster fins that allow for maximum hold in turns and projection and speed on the exit.

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Clear Hex Traction

Reduction of weight and the addition of a more grippy feel was the intention for including the Clear Hex Traction to the Sting. Its waxy finish and lower profile gives you a more connected feel to the board than standard EVA provides.

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