Melissa Marquardt

"Watching snowboarding and skateboarding. Urban snowboarding gives me ideas and creativity."


  • Name - Melissa Marquardt
  • Birthdate - November 16th, 1983
  • Home Town - Canyon Lake, CA
  • Sponsors - Liquid Force, Body Glove, GoPro, Kicker Audio
  • Favorite place to ride - Tahiti
  • Favorite Food - Sushi
  • Favorite Music - Punk, Reggae, House
  • Hobbies - Snowboarding, Surfing, Skateboarding, Diving, Spearfishing, gardening, cooking and painting.
  • Favorite Athlete - Sven Thorgren, such unique style and creativity. Also Leticia Bufani such a badass and has rad style.
  • Off season training - Mountain Biking, surfing, yoga, snowboarding, gym time.
  • Favorite Ice cream truck treat - Tweety bird with the gumball eyes.
  • Favorite place you’ve been - Tahiti and Bali