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What was one of the best moments on your wake surfboard?

Looking back, most of my best moments come from spending time with my family while enjoying time out on the boat together. In particular, one of my favorite memories was the first time I was able to land a 360, feeling hyped to have my family present supporting and cheering me on as I began finding my passion for surfing.


What lessons has wakesurfing taught you?

In my life, my passion for wake-surfing has often been a key driver to helping me learn and grow as an individual. Having a strong passion in life motivates you to achieve pre-determined goals while doing something you love. Wake-surfing has often been that activity for helping me develop a good work ethic, achieve success in my life, and provide an opportunity to inspire others to chase their dreams.


What does it mean to ride for LF?

Being able to ride for LF means that I have the opportunity to make a difference and help influence the wake-surfing industry with the support and trust of a fantastic team behind me. Additionally, riding for LF is a dream come true because of how LF's goals and values align with my goals and values of positively impacting the community and growing the sport overall


Who or what inspires you?

What has inspired me the most throughout my wake-surfing journey has been the unique experience of proving to myself that I can do something challenging and very different from other athletes around the world. In addition, growing up, having the opportunity to watch other female athletes was another inspiration for me, seeing female athletes have such a significant impact on aspiring young surfers.


What do you think you are doing too much of or too little of because of wakesurfing?

The most challenging aspect for me so far has been being able to slow down and enjoy the little moments of growth. Sometimes I often want to accomplish the next big challenge I have.