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What was one of the best moments on your wakesurfer?

The best moment of Wakesurfing for me was winning the 2017 World Championships! It was also my first year in the pro level!

What lessons has wakesurfing taught you?

I have learned so much about myself just from Wakesurfing. I have found that I love helping people with anything because when I am coaching people I am usually more stoked than they are!

What does it mean to ride for LF?

Riding for LF is absolutely amazing because I can keep pushing the sport of Wakesurfing with all of the amazing opportunities LF will bring to me! Also being able to represent the best wake company out there means a lot to me and Im so great full to have this opportunity.

Who or what inspires you?

I would say I am inspired by a lot of people/organizations. I for sure look up to Jamie Obrien. In our industry I have always had a love for what wakeforwarriors have been doing!

What do you think you are doing too much of or too little of because of wakesurfing?

I think sometimes I wish I could still be on a competitive basketball/lacrosse team because I grew up as a multi sport athlete and was on travel teams for several years!

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