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#VIRAGANG is taking over! A bullet proof board for the rider that wants to send it

The Virago is an inclusive board for all with a responsive feel and flex to power out of any rail or kicker. With an aggressive continuous rocker shape, Anna Nikstad's pro model is fast on the water and solid on the landings. Join the #VIRAGANG or be obliterated!

  • Anna Nikstad Pro Model
  • Full Rounded Thumbtail Shape
  • Aggressive Continuous Rocker
  • Triple Concave with V-Tip Channels | Center Venturi Slot
  • Full Paulownia Wood Profiled "Split Core"
  • Equipped with LF Exclusive FlexTrack, Beveled Liquid Rails, and Sintered Grind Base
  • Optimized Flex with LF 4D Bindings | Compatible with All Bindings
  • Sizes: 137 | 142 | 147 | 152
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Virago Truth USP's
Special Sauce 300px

A more rounded version of the squashtail, the design of the thumbtail results in more stability for the board. This shape has no hard edge that you find in the squash and square tail. A thumbnail is great for rail-to-rail riding and big air tricks.


The triple concave with v-tip channels and ventrui hull produces lift while you are up on your feet and riding. It will also help with control and maneuverability. The edge channels give you that bite for controlled carves.


Profiled wood from tip to tail to give you stability and strength in between the feet and flex and pop at the tip and tails. The split core adds channels for more stability and control.

Virago Truth USP's
Anna Nikstad

There’s a lot to say about the Virago but I’ll try to keep it short. I love flex, energy and responsiveness under my feet and this board provides exactly that. The Virago is smooth, fast and light on the water but can take an absolute beating due to the resilient side walls and all-around badass virago grit. This is a non-gender board and is intended to be enjoyed by everyone, of any skill level. It’s smooth for the beginners and snappy for the Pros. I love this shape, it’s everything I want and need on the water.

Virago Truth USP's