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Whip Foil Board

Everyone's favorite board to FLY...

The Whip is designed to literally disappear under your feet. Its ultra light frame provides for minimal swing weight, maximizing your foils potential and responsiveness. Whether it's behind a wake, a kite, or whipping into some outer reefs this tow board is your weapon of choice.


  • Blunt Nose
  • Concave Deck
  • Step Rails
  • Chine Rails
  • Step Tail
  • Double Concave Bottom
  • Proprietary FFB 10.75" Mounting Tracks
  • Pressure Relief Air Vent
  • Deck Pad with Optional Pump Bump or Flat Rear Traction Piece
  • Foot Strap Inserts

Pair with the Carbon Deluxe Horizon Foil Set
for Package Pricing!

  • Stringer-less EPS Core
    • Our most durable, lightweight construction
  • Double Bias Carbon Construction
    • Maximizes the longitudinal stiffness and keeps the weight at a minimum
  • Pump Bump Traction Pad
    • Gives a kick stop further up on the board to help pump more efficiently

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