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Anna Nikstad


What was one of the best moments on your wakeboard?

I think some of the best moments on my board have been just carving some morning laps on a glassy cable or landing something new that you have worked on for a while.  That’s a pretty good feeling too.

What lessons has wakeboarding taught you?

My whole wakeboarding career has been a learning process, but the most important lesson I have learned, is to trust yourself.

What does it mean to ride for LF?

Before I was given the opportunity to ride for LF, I had always looked up to the brand because of their well-rounded and respected reputation. Now, riding for LF means that it’s up to me ( and all my teammates ) to continue to push the boundaries and set new, higher standards for the sport. I feel a sense of responsibility to lead by example.

Who or what inspires you?

There is so much inspiration all around the sport. To narrow down to what inspires me the most would be difficult.  However, I could say that first off my brothers were my first inspiration, then it was my dreams of taking this sport further that inspired me.  Then most importantly, all the other women who are dedicated and pushing the limits that I get to ride and compete alongside with inspire me and continue to push me.

What do you think you are doing too much of or too little of because of wakeboarding?

I would say based on my previous season, I’m doing too much competing and not enough riding for myself. Naturally, I’m a competitive person, but I’d say it’s time for me to ease up on the contests and really focus on progressing more. I think it’s important to remember why you started wakeboarding and to remember to ride for yourself first. As long as you’re having the time of your life, everything else will fall into place.


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Anna's Board of Choice

2024 Virago

Vale 4D

Anna's Binding of Choice

2024 Vale 4D




Best LF Memory?

Traveling to the Australian Zoo with the Pro Team to catch up with our old teammate Chandler Powell and getting to play with some cool animals.

What is your spirit animal and why?

My dog Kana is my spirit animal. She is sweet and spunky but don't mess with her.

Describe yourself in one sentence?

The Devil said “you can't handle the storm”, I said back to him “I am the storm”.

Biggest inspiration?

My family all individually inspire me to be my best.

What is your favorite trick to watch?

Supermans off the kicker!

Favorite snack?


Best Boat Wake?

Ah man, don't make me choose.

Which rider would you say has the best style?

Erik Nikstad

Why should people support LF or ride LF product?

Liquid Force has the best gear in the industry and a team of the best athletes in the world. I think it's obvious that LF is the top board brand, not only for the quality but their relentless innovation.

Why wakeboarding and what brought you here?

Wakeboarding became an outlet to me where I can escape and get creative. My goal has been to have as much fun as possible and that's what brought me here.

What are the top 3 wake parks around the world?

CWC, 313, VWC.

You have unlimited budget for a wake trip, where is it, who is with you and what does it look like?

It's a winch trip through Venice, Italy with the Pro Team.

Best wake memory of the last year?

Getting to winch with the Spacemob Crew.

Any upcoming projects you are hyped on?

I've got some fun things in the works, you'll have to wait and see. :)

What do you like to do outside of Wakeboarding?

I enjoy spending time outside, with animals and creative stuff like painting or ceramics.

Favorite isle in the grocery store?

The fruit & veggie isle.

Dream job?

I've got my dream job now. And, also if I was a veterinarian as a side hustle.

Do you play a musical instrument?

I played the piano as a kid and I was in my middle school band playing the trumpet.

If you could be a pro in another sport what would it be?

Probably Skate, Snow, or Surf.

First thing you do when you wake up?


Biggest accomplishment in life?

Getting to do what I love everyday.

Biggest Goal in life?

Having as much fun as possible.

Country you want to visit the most?

Maybe the Maldives or Mauritius.