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First time grabbing a handle?

I’m pretty sure it was at Bullard’s Bar Reservoir in Northern California… I was rocking a sweet set of wood double skis behind my parents new Sea Swirl! Great memories!

Where is home?

My mail gets sent to Leucadia, CA, my roots are in Nevada City, CA, I got my diploma in Eugene, OR, and my home away from home is Mammoth Lakes, CA.

You make the best?

Boss, of course.

The greatest thing about Liquid Force?

We continue to not take ourselves too seriously and focus on the fun in life!

Describe an average day?

Truthfully, there is not an average day here at LF… everything is constantly changing, and every day brings a new and exciting challenge. Today’s average day is much different than an average day 2 years ago, that’s for certain… I never thought I’d spend as much time as I do now leading and attending online meetings… TEAMS, ZOOM, etc.… I’ve become very proficient at turning the mute button on and off, etc.…

Favorite animal?

A Duck… followed closely by cats (shout out Dodger and Zoe!).


I’ve always been inspired by anyone that lives life to the fullest, works hard, does what they say they will do, and is a team player! I guess that’s why I’ve ended up surrounded by great people that are working in an industry that is selling fun! Additionally, my wife Susan continues to inspire me with her work ethic and determination, and my original inspirations were of course my parents… It’s cliché but my parents have made me who I am today by being great role models!

Best board graphic in the history of the World?

My recent favorites have for sure been the wildly fun and weird LTD boards that Pat Milo has created with us at LF, as well as the amazing art that our friend Chris Benchetler let us use for Tommy Czeschin’s recent PRIMO boards!

Parting words?