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First time grabbing a handle?

Summer of 2018 at a tiny lake called Lake Alice outside of Buffalo.

Where is home?

Originally Buffalo, NY but now San Diego, CA!!

You make the best?

Buffalo dip

The greatest thing about Liquid Force?

How relaxed it is. The thought of starting at any corporation gave me anxiety but everyone here was so welcoming, cool and motivated. I feel like I have found my people.

Describe an average day?

I just started so I am not so sure yet but so far it's been a lot of getting to know my boss, Justin and learning more in depth about our products while occasionally getting interrupted by Jimmy showing us photos of him wakesurfing in the bio illuminances.

Favorite Animal?



Kara Powell (Formally Austin) from Shred the Gnar in Wilmington, NC. She is the best mentor/coach/boss (sorry Justin) I have had in anything. She introduced me to the wake community and getting this job at LF felt very full circle. She is the definition of work hard play hard!!

Best Board Graphic in the history of the world?

The one that hangs in our office, the 25 year anniversary Pat Milo Butterstick LTD. I love personalized things and the story behind all the little cartoons on it is hysterical. I also love my monster energy wakeboard that was gifted to me during my college internship with them.

Parting words?

Go Bills!