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First time grabbing a handle?

In my early teens in a jellyfish-full River Crouch in the east of England.

Where is home?

For the past two years, I have been all over the place but currently pretty settled in the Witterings on the South Coast of the UK.

You make the best?


The greatest thing about Liquid Force?

Apart from making the sickest products the crew are new level!

Describe an average day?

Chat Wind, Waves and Foiling with all of our great international distribution partners. If there is wind or waves at my home, break I always try to sneak in a session!

Favorite Animal?

Cliche, but we really don’t deserve Dogs, they are the best.


My Dad. He continues to commit his life to water sports and has never lost his stoke.

Best Board Graphic in the history of the world?

A Gerry Lopez Surfboard in all gloss red with the famous white lightning bolt. Clean and legendary.

Parting words?

Life is long if you know how to use it - Seneca