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First time grabbing a handle?

Straight up, 1986 or 1987. Used to ride on my dad’s shoulders while he was skiing long before I ever rode anything. 1987 was when I first got up on my own on anything behind a boat if we want to get tech.

Where is home?

New Braunfels, TX

You make the best…?

Football Analyst, or so I believe. But I can definitely crank out the best Tortilla Soup you have ever had.

The greatest thing about Liquid Force?

The people, the products, the good vibes, the athletes, the events……..pretty much everything about LF is the greatest.

Describe your average day

Wake up and attempt to get my family and I out of the house on time, which never happens right. Get to the airport to wash some private jets and airplanes. Power through that job to head home and each lunch. Then to work on some LF athlete projects followed by the gym. Gym session always ends with 20 mins on the bike, so that allows me to crush out some more LF emails. If the weather is good, then a wakeboard set is usually taken (I still ride quite frequently). Then enjoy some family time and dinner with them. The day ends with me crashing out before any type of football game ends.

Favorite animal?

A Longhorn……duh


My dad and my wife. Between the two of them I wouldn’t be where I am at now.

Best board graphic in the history of the world?

Actually that would be the 2020 Reverse graphic. Mike and the boys are some serious fortune tellers by perfectly laying out my family on the graphic. But the trippy part is, the graphic was designed before my baby boy was even baking in the oven. Futuristic funk!

Parting words?

“You can always retake a class, but you can never relive a party”