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6/2/24 Terminus Wake Park Cartersville, GA Register
7/14/24 SouthTown Wake Park York County, SC Register
8/25/24 Elevated Wake Park Lexington, NC Register

The most fun contest circuit on the East coast is back! Terminus Wake Park, SouthTown Wake Park, and Elevated Wake Park have sponsored with Liquid Force to bring you guys this awesome event!

It has a grass-roots vibe including divisions with everything from Novice to Pro! The 4th annual event won't disappoint! This is a super fun contest that spreads across 3 cable parks with individual & OVERALL winners.


Features-Only Jam Sessions

Riders will receive a t-shirt at each stop, and podium winners at each stop will receive a trophy & prizes.


Kickers: Spins – Front Side 180s Only. No inverts.

Rails: Up to a total of a 180 over the rail.

Kickers: Spins – Front Side 360s and backside 180s only. 1 invert allowed.

Rails: Up to a 360 over the rail (180 on 180 off, or 90 on 270 off, etc).

Kickers: Spins – Front Side 540s and backside 360s Only. All Basic Inverts allowed in run (No 360 inverts or blind landing inverts)

Rails: Up to a 540 over the rail (270/270, 90/450, etc.)

Kickers: Spins – Front Side 720s and backside 540s only. All basic inverts, basic blind tricks and 360 inverts without a handle pass are allowed in run (no handle pass 360 inverts)

Rails: No restrictions.


No restrictions.


Riders will accumulate points at each stop to go towards their overall score.

1st Place – 10 Points

2nd Place – 9 Points

3rd Place – 8 Points

4th Place – 7 Points

5th Place – 6 Points

6th Place and Beyond – 5 Points (After 5th place, everyone receives 5 points but will be ranked in order they placed).

For tie-breakers, the following criteria is considered:

1. Who placed higher at stops that both participants competed in.

2. Most 1st place finishes, most 2nd place finishes, etc.

Overall Series Prizes

$2000 Shared Purse for 1st Place

$500 – Pro

$400 – Advanced

$300 – Intermediate

$200 – Novice

$100 – Beginner

$250 – Wakeskate

$250 – Video Contest

Additional prizes - Wakeboards, 2HR passes to each park, LF swag & more for winners!

Each overall series podium winner will be entered into a drawing for a FREE Season Pass to all 3 cable parks!

Broken Record Video Contest

Entry will be included for any competitor that signed up for all 3 stops and $40 for anyone who wants to enter separately. Video submissions will be due one week after the last stop (September 1). Winners will de determined by a panel of judges. Each park will host separate viewing parties to announce overall winners.

Criteria for the Video Contest:

• 1 Minute in Length

• At Least 2 Tricks from Each Park

• Individual Riders Only, No Groups

• No Outside Clips (Other Parks, Winch, or Boat)

• Special Emphasis on Video Quality and Uniqueness (Showcase things we haven’t seen a thousand times on Instagram reels!)