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Benny Heatley

What was one of the best moments on your board?

I’d have to say the best moments on my board are anytime we’re up early in the morning and filming. When the air’s cold and water is super flat and when you can enjoy just riding on top of the water without the need to do anything to impress. It’s the most calming feelings!

What lessons has wake taught you?

Wakeboarding has taught me many things like the importance of being surrounded by an awesome community, and that the support network that you have is incredible. It’s taught me to make friends with a variety of different people from many different places and cultures. Perseverance is a big one! Even in a sport that is so self-focused it’s amazing to see the generosity of people towards you because of the one shared love of wakeboarding!

What does it mean to ride for LF?

Riding for LF means riding for a company that supports and has time for you. It means riding the best gear out there and having your hard work on and off the water not go unnoticed. It means having an awesome crew that’s all about an LF’n good time. It means a lot of things I am so grateful for and am super excited to keep being a part of this family.

Who or what inspires you?

My brothers most of all inspire me to ride the best I can and are always pushing me to ride at my best. A bit of friendly competition has always helped my progress with my riding. And the people that have been around my life and wakeboarding since the start. The people that have given me the knowledge and lessons to become the best person that I can be and showing that in my riding and through representing the brand shows that their lessons to me didn’t go unnoticed.

What do you think you are doing too much of or too little of because of wake?

I definitely think I should do a bit more study with my uni, because with a sport so fun I get really easily distracted as soon as that sky turns blue. Other than that, I feel like at this point in my life it’s the thing that’s giving me most of my direction and structure. It’s slots so perfectly into what I’m doing and who I want to be so I can’t really complain!