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Daniel Johnson

What was one of the best moments on your board?

My all time most memorable moment was standing up my run at my first pro event and winning a spot on the USA team

What lessons has wake taught you?

Wake has taught me to never give up on something you want to accomplish. No matter how hard a trick seems at first if you put the time in it will work out and I think that relates really well to life.

What does it mean to ride for LF?

Riding for LF to me is a absolute dream come true the first board I ever got up on was a 111 nemesis when I was 2 and I've been on a liquid ever since. I grew up watching all the movies and wanting nothing other than to be able to do that one day. Being able to ride for a company with such a sick crew of riders and people behind the scenes. It doesn't just feel like riding for a company it feels like joining a family and I can't wait to see how I can help push LF out there and get more people on LF products.

Who or what inspires you?

That's a hard one. I feel like I get a lot of inspiration from a lot of different places. I really enjoy competing and want to be a really good comp rider like Harley, but recently I've been having so much fun filming, editing and putting out quality instagram content/ starting to film for a full part. With that I really look up to Guenther. I also really enjoy coaching from helping beginners get up for the first time to young competitors landing new tricks that I've seen them try so hard to get because I know that feeling and love getting to see other people share that same feeling. With coaching I really look up to Adam fields I rode with him when I was younger and so I've always kinda looked up to him.

What do you think you are doing too much of or too little of because of wake.

The things I wish I could do more of would be getting to see my family more. Since I moved to Florida I've only gotten back a handful of times. I also wish I could work a little bit more just because it's hard to support myself traveling and paying bills on a freedom wakepark budget and unlike alot of other kids in wake my parents don't support me financially anymore so this being my first year where it was all on me really opened my eyes to how expensive everything is. Other than that I really enjoy everything in wake, dialing in a run for comps learning new tricks getting to hangout with all my friends here that also wakeboard and share the same goals as me is the best.