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Guenther Oka


What was one of the best moments on your wakeboard?

Tough question seeing as I ride my wakeboard a lot. But there is always something incredible about riding your board in a new location for the first time. I’ve rode on some of the most beautiful lakes and cable parks it seems this world has to offer. Each time I get out to ride a new location, the experience gets better and better. So I think my best moment on board is taking in everything around me and then enjoying the hell out of whatever happens next.

What lessons has wakeboarding taught you?

I think that wakeboarding has been one of the best teachers in my life. It has taught me how to share, win, lose, extend kindness and happiness, and best of all, how to create. The incredible victories that have come from riding my board have given me so much happiness along with learning how to deal with ego and pride. But also handling the harsh feeling of loss, when everything seems to disappear at your fingertips. I never thought that riding a board could teach me so much, but I think the best part is that you can never stop learning.

What does it mean to ride for LF?

Representing and riding LF has been one of the best parts of my career. Ever since day 1, LF has envisioned fun and spreading stoke on the water. That whole outlook of watersports fits perfectly with what I do and how I want to do it. Not to mention that they have been at the forefront of product development and creating the best gear in the game since day 1. Their motto is “Relentless Innovation” and they continue to do that year after year. It’s an honor to be part of LF.

Who or what inspires you?

I try to take inspiration from lots of different places. I grew up spending my winters on the snow, so freestyle skiing and snowboarding are what speaks the most to me. In the recent years I’ve began surfing and drawing more inspiration from the art of simply riding a board on water. I also think I’m incredibly inspired by the people I surround myself with and we bring it out of each other.

What do you think you are doing too much of or too little of because of wakeboarding?

I think I wakeboard too much!  haha. Not really, but there is a fine line between burning yourself out because of repetition and just doing what you like. So, I think that if I can limit my time on a wakeboard here and there, I can appreciate every set I take much more. Which will also give me time to focus on other aspects of life that are bigger and allow me to go back to the drawing board more often. It’s great to fall into routine but I think it’s even better to be sporadic and go with the flow.


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