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Apex w/ Hook 6X

Apex (Size): 139
Hook 6X (Size): 6-8

Fully revamped for 2024, the Apex w/ Hook 6X™ Package is locked and loaded for the ultimate park session.

Loic is one of our French Cable Riders who holds a commanding presence within the park scene...and requires a board that is able to keep up with his hard charging style.  It's continuous rocker profile allows you to navigate the park from feature to feature with ease, and give you consistent flex when locked into rails.

We are super excited for the enhancements our Boot Team added to the Hook 6X™ for this season.  A refined ergonomic update to the outer as well as crucial updates to the Terra Trek walk assured your feet will be wrapped in full comfort as you take no prisioners at the park.  It's our best fitting and performing Hook binding to date!

Available Spring 2024

+Package Includes

About the Board:

The Apex is Loic Deshaux’s board with fun flex and direct, yet easy going feel. Using a continuous rocker profile, Loic's board is fast on the water with plenty of edge-to-edge response. The clean base with edge and tip channels make the Apex free on rails while allowing for bite for the massive air tricks Loic is known for.

About the Bindings:

Receiving a full update for 2024, the Hook 6X now packs an even harder punch. With a redesigned 3-strap closure and improved ankle harness system...both do their part to provide you with the best foot hold we can offer.

Don't get us started on the new Trek Terra-Liners, better yet, let's dive in.  Our Design Team gave the walk-out liner a massive overhaul as well.  The slimmer profile of our new Trek Terra-Liners cut down on excess material allowing for better mobility while riding and makes getting in and out of your outsole as well when it's time to "Trek" so much easier.

Made for long days at the cable sessioning every feature, feel confident in your new Hook 6X™ bindings - they can handle anything.

+Board Sizing
Length (cm) Weight Range (lbs)
139 80 - 160
144 110 - 190
149 130 - 220
+Binding Sizing

US Men's 

UK Men's



6 - 8 5 - 7 35.5 - 41 24 - 26

8 - 9

7 - 8

41 - 42.5

26 - 27

9 - 10

8 - 9

42.5 - 44

27 - 28

10 - 11 9 - 10 44 - 45 28 - 29
11 - 12 10 - 11 45 - 46.5 29 - 30
12 - 13 11 - 12 46.5 - 48 30 - 31
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