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Watersports are fun and challenging but involve inherent risks of injury or death. To increase your enjoyment of the sport and to reduce your risks, use common sense and follow these guidelines:

  • Familiarize yourself with all applicable federal, state and local laws, the risks inherent in the sport and the proper use of equipment.
  • Know the waterways and always have a person other than the boat driver as an observer.
  • The rider, observer and driver should agree on hand signals.
  • Never start out until the rider signals that they are ready.
  • Always use caution and common sense.

Regarding your equipment and your towrope:

  • Always wear a U.S. Coast Guard Type III (PFD) vest.
  • Inspect all equipment prior to use. Check bindings, fins, and flotation device prior to each use and DO NOT USE if damaged.
  • Tow ropes stretch during use. If a rope breaks or is suddenly released, it can snap back striking boat occupants or the user which could result in injury or death.
  • Inspect rope before use and do not use tow rope if frayed, knotted or damaged. Use proper toe rope for the activity.
  • Ensure rope is free from all body parts prior to starting out or during use.
  • Keep persons and ropes away from propeller when engine is running, even if in neutral. Should rope become entangled in propeller, SHUT OFF ENGINE AND REMOVE IGNITION KEY BEFORE RETRIEVING ROPE. Propellers are very sharp and can cut wet skin easily.






Activities involving the use of Liquid Force wakeboards, kiteboards, and bindings assume the risk of bodily injury arising from those activities.

Liquid Force is not liable to the users of third parties for any incidental or consequential damages, including damages for personal injury, beyond the responsibility Liquid Force assumes for replacement or repair of its products subject to the conditions set forth herein.





  1. Rinse your board with fresh water after using in salt water.
  2. It is generally better to keep your board and bindings out of the sun for longer periods of time.
  3. Do not use oils or lotions to get in the bindings. These never wash out and make your feet slimy.
  4. It’s not a surfboard or a car…Don’t wax it.
  5. Buy a protective bag for your board, it helps keep it from becoming scratched, protects it from the sun and may protect the boat as well.
  6. Inspect your board for damage every time you ride. Also check the bindings for worn or damaged parts.
  7. Replace excessively worn or damaged parts before riding your board.
  8. Check the fins to make sure they are tight. Fins do not float.
  9. Check the binding retention bolts before each ride to make sure they are tight.
  10. Do not use thread sealants such as Loc-tie® on binding bolts or fin screws. These products can attack some types of plastics causing structural failure.
  11. Gasoline, oils, and most other petroleum products are bad for your board, so do not let your board come in contact with any of these chemicals.








Liquid Force warranties and obligations set forth below are in lieu of any other express warranties or obligations of Liquid Force Wakeboards, its distributors, or retailers. All Liquid Force products are warrantied to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material workmanship except as otherwise provided herein.

Liquid Forces warranty extends for a period of ONE YEAR from date of purchase on all products except custom hand finished wakesurfboards, wakeskates and apparel. Wakeskates are warrantied for 90 days and custom hand finished wakesurfboards and apparel is not applicable to any warranties. Proof of purchase is required from an authorized Liquid Force dealer. RECEIPT MUST CLEARLY IDENTIFY DEALER. Liquid Force will, at manufacturer’s option, repair or replace any wakeboard, kiteboard, or boot binding which exhibits defects in material or workmanship. REPAIRED OR REPLACED ITEMS ARE COVERED FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE ORIGINAL WARRANTY ONLY.




  • Boat & Cable Wakeboards: 1 Year from original date of purchase (Do NOT slide your board in any way, if you wish to keep your warranty).

  • Wakeboard Bindings: 1 Year from original date of purchase.

  • Hand-Glassed Wakesurf: No Warranty

  • Dura-Surf & Compression Molded Wakesurf Boards: 1 Year from original date of purchase.

  • Wakefoamies: 90 Days from original date of purchase.

  • Foil Boards & Foil Sets: 1 Year from original date of purchase.

  • Compression Molded Wakeskates: 1 Year from original date of purchase.

  • Wood Wakeskates: 90 Days from original date of purchase.

  • Ropes/Handles: 1 Year from original date of purchase.

  • CGA Life Jackets & Comp Jackets:1 Year from original date of purchase.

  • Bags:1 Year from original date of purchase.


  • Any damage caused by SLIDERS, RAILS, or KICKERS. DO NOT Slide your board on any sliders/rails if you want to keep your warranty. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Cost of return shipments to Liquid Force, normal wear and tear including scratches, nicks or fading.
  • Damage caused by modifications and /or use of equipment not provided with the purchase of Liquid Force products, this includes bolt-on systems to attach fins and bindings, cutting and reshaping boards, overlays and or binding parts, etc.
  • Damage to boards incurred while other manufacturer’s bindings, and/or fins were in use.
  • Damage to boards incurred while in other manufacturer’s board racks
  • Damage caused by misuse or an accident such as dock slides, dock or beach starts, striking a solid object, tow rope handle striking product, etc. The validity of damage or any like situation reports are at the discretion of Liquid Force warranty personnel. The above applies to boards, bindings, fins and inserts.
  • Products used in commercial, rental, demo, or instruction programs.





During the 1 Year Warranty Period, Liquid Force will, at its discretion, either repair or replace a defective Liquid Force product. Warrantied items will be returned to the sender via Ground Service at Liquid Force’s expense. Liquid Force Claims can be handled one of two ways:

Option 1 – Customers can contact the retail location where the original purchase was made. In this case, the retailer must facilitate the Warranty Claim on behalf of the customer and contact Liquid Force Customer Service at [email protected] or 760-943-8364 to obtain an RMA Number.

Option 2 – Customers can contact Liquid Force directly to open a Warranty Claim, and upon review obtain an RMA Number.

To start your claim, please fill out the following form: LIQUID FORCE WARRANTY REQUEST FORM

Return Authorization is for inspection purposes only. Disposition will be determined by Liquid Force warranty personnel. No Warranty Claims will be accepted without a valid RMA # (issued by Liquid Force) and a PROOF OF PURCHASE FROM AN AUTHORIZED LIQUID FORCE DEALER.





Exchanges and Returns

To return or exchange any items you must first send an email to [email protected] to receive an RA number. We will not accept any returns or exchanges that do not have an RA number.

Once you have an RA number you can mail your item(s) to the following address:

Liquid Force
Attention: Returns
316 N Palace Ave
Tyler, TX 75702

Please include the packing slip as this will serve as your receipt. We recommend all shipments sent back to our fulfillment center are done so via a traceable carrier such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, or DHL. Liquid Force is not responsible for packages not received if sent via a non-traceable carrier. We do not accept C.O.D

Once we receive your item we will process your order. Exchanges are typically processed within one week being received at our facility. If an item(s) you are exchanging for is out of stock, customer service will contact you. If the item(s) you are exchanging for requires a balance due or credit refund, the original card used to make the purchase will show the transaction.

In the event you need to return a product, this must be completed within 30 days of your purchase. We do not accept returns on items that have been used, washed, or are damaged/missing original packaging. Please include the same information for a return item as for one you are exchanging. Shipping is not refundable. Once your item(s) is returned to our facility the original card used to purchase the product will be credited the cost of the item(s) and any applicable tax.






Beginners should hold the handle with both hands, palms down. Put the rope over the toe side edge of the board (the side your toes point to). Try to place your knees to the inside of your elbows. Hold the position. Alert the driver when you are ready. Have the driver give a slow, steady pull out of the water. Stay in the squatted position with your arms straight, resisting the pull of the boat by putting pressure on your feet. Let the boat pull you out. After you start to feel the board plane…stand up. Use your legs for power, leaving your arms straight while keeping your eyes on the boat. You have just made a deep water start.
Caution: these are guidelines only. There is no substitute for professional instruction. Instruction will teach general safety guidelines and proper techniques, thereby reducing your risk of injury. For more information on wakeboarding schools, contact your Liquid Force dealer, the World Wakeboard Association or local ski club. Liquid Force does offer instructional videos for beginning and advanced riders. If you cannot find one at your local dealership please contact us at:

Liquid Force
1815 Aston Avenue, Suite 105
Carlsbad, CA 92008
P: 760-943-8364





Rider Weight Boat Wakeboard Park Wakeboard Surf Style Surfer Skim Style Surfer Foil Board
25 - 70 lbs | 11 - 32 kgs 111 - 118 cm 116 - 125 cm 3'8" - 3'10" 46" n/a
40 - 85 lbs | 18 - 39 kgs 118 - 130 cm 125 - 135 cm 3'8" - 4'0" 46" - 48" 3'6" - 4'5"
70 - 130 lbs | 32 - 59 kgs 130 - 138 cm 135 - 143 cm 4'0" - 4'5" 46" - 52"
100 - 170 lbs | 45 - 77 kgs 134 - 142 cm 138 - 148 cm 4'2" - 4'9" 48" - 54" 3'6" - 4'9"
150 - 225 lbs | 68 - 102 kgs 138 - 146 cm 142 - 150 cm  4'4" - 5'2" 50" - 58"
170 - 250+ lbs | 77 - 113+ kgs 142 - 146 cm 146 - 155 cm 4'6" - 5'4" 52" - 58"
200 - 275+ lbs | 91 - 125+ kgs 146+ cm 148+ cm 5'0" - 5'6" 56" - 60" 4'0" - 4'9"





Kid's CGA Vests Kid's Weight
Infant 0 - 30 lbs | 0 - 13.6 kgs
Child 33 - 55 lbs | 14.9 - 24.9 kgs
Youth Small 55 - 75 lbs | 24.9 - 34 kgs
Youth Large 64 - 88 lbs | 29 - 39.9 kgs
Junior 77 - 125 lbs | 34.9 - 56.7 kgs


Men's Comp Vests Men's Chest Sizes
XSmall 31" - 34" | 78.7 - 86.3 cm
Small 34" - 37" | 86.3 - 93.9 cm
Medium 37" - 40" | 93.9 - 101.6 cm
Large 40" - 43" | 101.6 - 109.2 cm
XLarge 43" - 46" | 109.2 - 116.8 cm
XXLarge 46" - 49" | 116.8 - 124.5 cm


Men's CGA Vests Men's Chest Sizes
Small 32" - 36" | 81.2 - 91.4 cm
Medium 36" - 40" | 91.4 - 101.6 cm
Large 40" - 44" | 101.6 - 111.7 cm
XLarge 44" - 48" | 111.7 - 121.9 cm
XXLarge 48" - 52" | 121.9 - 132 cm
XXXLarge 52" - 56" | 132 - 142.2 cm


Women's Comp Vests Chest Size Numeric Size
XSmall 29" - 32" | 73.6 - 81.2 cm 0 - 2
Small 32" - 35" | 81.2 - 88.9 cm 4 - 6
Medium 35" - 38" | 88.9 - 96.5 cm 8 - 10
Large 38" - 41" | 96.5 - 104.1 cm 10 - 12


Women's CGA Vests Chest Size Numeric Size
XSmall 28" - 32" | 71.1 - 81.2 cm 2 - 4
Small 32" - 36" | 81.2 - 91.4 cm 6 - 8
Medium 36" - 40" | 91.4 - 101.6 cm 10 - 12
Large 40" - 44" | 101.6 - 111.7 cm 14 - 16




Sizing for Peak 4D/6X, Pulse 4D/6X, Idol 4D/6X, AERO 6X, and Classic 6X


Sizing for Vale 4D and Vida 6X


Sizing for TAO 6X


Sizing for Classic 6X OT


Sizing for Scan 6X and Transit 6R


Sizing for Index 6R


Sizing for Plush 6R


Sizing for Rant 6R and Dream 6R




To ensure a perfect fit, measure the circumference of your head starting in the middle of your forehead and match it with the sizes above.




There are no positions available at this time