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Park & Shop Spotlight – Action Water Sports – Michigan

While Action Water Sports three dealerships in Michigan and one in Florida, the Hudsonville, Mich. location is special in that it operates in conjunction with Action Wake Park. This unique setup allows visitors to the dealership to walk down the street and get some laps, or conversely, the park patrons to go check out a wide variety of boats and gear at the pro shop. Being the fans of all things watersports that we are, we think that’s pretty LF’n awesome. We caught up with Brian Lerch, the Pro Shop Manager, and the AWS crew to find out what makes it all tick. 

Give us a quick history of Action Water Sports … where you’re located, when you opened, and how you got involved in boating/wakeboarding.

Action Water Sports was founded in 1990 with the mission of bringing families together on the water and delivering unmatched customer experiences. Fast forward to now, we have four locations in Michigan and Florida, Action Wake Park, Michigan’s first full-size cable park, and our online retail presence With each step into growth, we’ve always approached it by asking ourselves, “is this going to add value to our customers and grow awareness for water sports?”. Our roots are founded on grassroots and professional water sports events. Whether it was a pro tour stop or grassroots winch competition, we believe part of our responsibility is to cultivate the growth of the water sports community.

What makes Action different from your average watersports retailer and/or boat dealership?

Like any successful business, it starts with our people. We work hard in our processes, training, and procedures to give our customers the best experience. Beyond that, it’s hard to work in our industry and not have a love for water – which all of our staff do and want to share that joy with all of our customers. 

How did Action Wake Park come about?

The thought of a full-size cable near us was always a dream. We just so happened to stumble across a great location right near the dealership. Like we mentioned earlier, we believe part of our responsibility as a business is to cultivate the growth of water sports as a whole. However, not everyone has access to a boat, so the cable park is a great place to learn water sports and develop a passion for the water.

What new trends, if any, have you seen in watersports over the past year or two?

Foiling is continuing to grow and be recognized. More and more customers are coming in with a full understanding of the sport. Many are looking to make upgrades to their foils or look for a new challenge from their original foil. The Carbon Horizon Series from LF has been a huge success for our customers looking to upgrade.

What’s your choice, cable or boat?

If I had to choose, it would be boat. I love the endless options of products and sports to get into while being towed. Loading up the crew and spending the afternoon on the lake is hard to beat. However, a quick lunch session on the cable is not far off! It’s a close second.

What is your best-selling LF product these days?

The Liquid Force Primo is a fan favorite. It’s a fantastic option for learning and getting into surfing. Megan’s line-up behind the boat always crushes too!

Any big plans for the next season or two?

We’re always working hard to evolve in the retail space. We see foiling continuing to grow as it can be done behind so many vessels. We’re always looking for new ways to make the retail experience more exciting for our customers.

Final thoughts?

Enjoy summer the way it was intended – get out on the water!