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Park Spotlight - Feel the Pull at WakePark Triolago

Last summer we had the pleasure of shooting a portion of our park campaign at WakePark Triolago, located in the town of Riol, in western Germany. Owned and operated by Jerry Fenno, WakePark Triolago is a wakeboarder's dream. Surrounded by gorgeous scenery, the park is full of killer features, and Jerry is one of the most enthusiastic and hard-working owners you're likely to find anywhere.

As part of our "Feel the Pull" campaign, we're introducing a series titled "Feel the Pull At." And given our couple of days hanging out with Jerry and shooting at his park, we knew the first episode needed to be WakePark Triolago.

Here is our Q&A with Jerry. Be sure to visit WakePark Triolago if you're ever in the region, and follow the social media accounts!

Give us a quick history of Triolago

Before WakePark Triolago, the cable was named Wasserski Riol from 2012 to 2016. Back then there were only a couple of features at the cable, and I was a season pass holder. At the end of 2016 I figured out that there will be the opportunity to take over this park as owner. So I took the chance and I applied. Because of my future plans for WakePark Triolago, they (the park in Riol where Triolago is located) gave me the contract. In 2017 we started the mission to make the park better, so we changed the setup and rebuilt everything to make it more comfortable for our guests. In 2018 we had our first photo/video shoot with a small brand named "ReleaseClothing." After that there came a lot more. And today after buying ten features and more than eight photo shoots, we have our own custom feature and had the honor to have LF team at our park.

What makes Triolago different, and how do you set yourself apart?

I think it's hard to say what makes us different or what sets us apart. We have a beautiful landscape that surrounds us, we have features for every level of riding, we change our setup regularly, we treat everyone equally and try to encourage everyone who enjoys wakeboarding. Maybe it's the mix of all this. Oh and we love what we are doing – it's not just a job, it's passion.

What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in wakeboarding since Triolago opened?

Since I became owner of WakePark Triolago I noticed that wakeboarding has become more versatile. It's not only rail riding or not only air tricks or not only kicker hits. If you want to be special you have to be creative in all parts of wakeboarding.

What is the next area of focus for Triolago (if you care to share)?

I know that keeping the status quo is a step backwards, so for 2024 we all are working on our personal development as a crew. To push the experience for all of our customers to the next level. For me personally? Since the last couple of years I am part of the German Waterski and Wakeboard Association (DWWV), my biggest wish is to close the gap between core riders and riders of the national team. In order to let the sport go through the roof, we have to work together.

And we definitely want to organize more training for both kids and for adults to learn to ride at the park.

What is the best part of being involved in the cable park business and the wake industry?

Everybody has his own line of sight about the cable park business and the wake industry. The best thing is to be able to exchange ideas with many. That’s the only way to bring all of us a step forward – working together as the big wake family.

Are you noticing any trends with riders at the park the last couple years?

As I mentioned before, wakeboarding has become more versatile, which definitely makes it more interesting. In our park I noticed there's more competition-riders coming up. And the riders are getting younger.

How often are you personally getting on the water these days?

Being part of the cable park business means many limitations in personal life. It's just a lot of work. My family would also like to see me. Well let me say it that way, every time it's possible to get on the water I’ll take the chance. Even if it's not very common.

If you could give one piece of advice to anyone interested in opening their own cable park, what would that be?

We are service providers. The customer should feel comfortable and enjoy our sport. Be there for them with heart, passion, enthusiasm, professionalism and fun. Make them fall in love with the sport and want to keep coming back.

What do you hope the future holds for the sport of wakeboarding?

I think there are more possibilities in this industry, there are so many good ideas out there. We need to catch them all together and form them into something big.

I would love to see wakeboarding go to the Olympics. There are so many wakeboarders all over the world who worked their whole life to be as good as they are. I want them to have a platform to show it to the world, so let's start with the World Games 2025.

Also, currently it seems we, as a sport, have significantly more beginners who only ride occasionally, or even just once, compared to regular guests. It would be nice if this ratio were distributed more evenly. Of course, exposure like World Games or the Olympics would help wakeboarding to gain more popularity.

Concluding thoughts?

I want to say thank you for the important work from Liquid Force, for me and my park it's very important to have a professional brand like LF by my side and supporting what we are doing. Thank you!

Jerry's 5 Park Picks from LF:

'24 Idol 4D
'24 FLX
'24 Butterstick
'23 Peak 4D
'24 TAO Hertiage comp