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LF Story Time - BROstock Portraits

Over the years of its existence, BROstock became notorious for big air, big crowds, and bigger parties. Back in the early days of the wake festival, Lake Powell was the host site, and the double-up party festivities were held following Liquid Force's team shoot. The 2008 BROstock was one for the ages, and following the weekend of shenanigans, photographer Garrett Cortese had a bunch of the LF team pose for BROportraits in the blazing morning sun.

"We were starting to pack up all the houseboats early in the morning to get them back to the marina. The activities from the night before went well into that morning, leaving most everybody in attendance feeling a little less than stellar... Let's just say the hangovers were obvious. There was one plastic chair hanging out by itself on the shore, waiting to be placed back on its houseboat home, so I placed it in front of some of Powell's iconic cliff walls and had everybody sit down for a picture. The results were even funnier than I originally envisioned."