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Park Spotlight – Terminus Wake Park

Since its cables started spinning 10 years ago, Terminus Wake Park has been one of the premier riding destinations in the U.S. A long time partner of ours at Liquid Force, Terminus has played host to countless demos, clinics, contests and more – from grassroots amateur variety to the Monster Triple Crown Series and Moxie Pro. Located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and featuring both a clockwise and counterclockwise park setup, Terminus is a must-ride venue that you need to check out for yourself. We caught up with owner Chase Andrews to get the skinny on what’s going down at Terminus these days. Get more info on everything Terminus has to offer from their website: terminuswakepark.com

Give us a quick history on how Terminus came to be.

Talks about opening a wake park in Georgia started around 2011 or earlier between Austin Singleton and his sponsored riders at Singleton Marine Group. We all were chipping in and helping figure out what we would all like if we could pick and choose our own Wake Park. As everything was starting to become a reality he reached out to me to partner with him and help run the place. Let’s back up a bit actually… I had gotten out of the boat sales industry in 2008 to start a film company as well as design and build my own cable park. Fortunately and unfortunately the film company had taken off so I had lost sight of the wake park idea until this opportunity came about! That’s when I had to do one of the hardest things I’ve done and leave the film company I had started. Leaving that team was terrible, but I knew God was calling me to lead this new venture. My parents met show skiing at Callaway Gardens so watersports is a part of my blood! I saw the passion for adventure on the water at a young age from BOTH parents and all of our relatives. I saw my dad teach well over 1,000 kids to ski. In fact, my aunt taught Travis Moye (owner of The Boarding School) how to ski (love you Travis!) Anyway, that passion for adventure and sharing that adventure was calling me!

What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in wakeboarding since Terminus opened?

We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary this September and it’s crazy to think about how much has changed in our industry in the last decade. It is so fun to see the board technology that has come about since the only options were pretty much the LF Deluxe and FLX. I’ve loved seeing the creativity in the Noodle (still miss that original shape), the amazing new Illusion shape (not many people realize the turned up tips are actually a little retro throwback). It is amazing to see all the parks getting creative with their features, and how UNIT has really embraced making features that are more universal and hackable. That was not a thing 10 years ago… you bought a feature for that individual design and that was that. I am massively thankful to all the other cable parks out there for putting in the work to grow our sport. It’s with that growth that we will see new ideas, new tricks, new technologies, etc. Thankfully, I think we are still on the verge of so much progression in the sport!

Terminus is different from a lot of parks in the U.S. in that there are two lakes/parks to choose from. What’s the difference between the two?

Like I mentioned at the beginning when all those team riders were in the room giving ideas, one of the main things that was discussed was having two different lakes, one solely devoted to intermediate/advanced riders, and one solely devoted to beginner riders. We are blessed that that became a reality. We are able to serve our advanced and beginner customers to our best abilities! Plus, if we ever have a cable down for maintenance then at least you can keep riding! However, double the cable, double the trouble… haha, but seriously there is a lot more to care for, staff, etc. I love having two different direction cables though. It can help as beginners learn or as our team practices for other parks! I’ve got some big audacious ideas for the lakes in the future too!

What else does Terminus offer that makes it such a fun and unique spot to visit?

Terminus prides itself in so many things. We definitely have a lot of things going for us, but our absolute best thing is our people, our staff, and our community! We offer pretty much the same as most parks now, smooth water, all UNIT features, relaxing environment, other fun attractions, but it’s the people and staff that you meet that makes this place home to so many. I really set out to make a park that was for EVERYONE. Not just the cool kids, the pros, the whatever… I want every little dorky kid, AND his grandfather, to come to Terminus, have fun, be encouraged, and feel like they are home! (Yes, kids will be kids and cliques happen, but… that is our goal!)

*plus the Chickfila on the corner doesn’t suck!

Are you noticing any trends with riders at the park the last couple years?

I haven’t seen many trends recently. After we got past the old school Wakeboard things, ducked out and as wide as possible, haha, it’s pretty much been small influences from snow, skate, and surf. I appreciate some of those influences but I also love how wakeboarding is different. I’m probably in the minority here but I still love watching the Europeans rip so huge air tricks. It’s probably my ski show background but they are such crowd pleasers. It’s also so unique to cable, not even boat wakeboarding. I hope they have a little comeback. People are too up tight about what others think is cool versus what they have fun doing themselves! Go have some freaking fun, it’s wakeboarding!

What’s it like getting to see a rider like Rivers Hedrick start coming to Terminus at a young age, then continue to progress and develop and eventually end up on a pro team?

Man, Rivers! I’m so proud of that girl. Did you know she first came to Terminus via Groupon??!! What a success story! Rivers and Groupon, if you’re listening… I see a great sponsorship here! Haha! Anyway, I hope everyone gets to meet her! She is so down to earth, happy to help in any way, she is one of the hardest workers I know. She has put the time and effort to truly pursue this as a career. It no surprise to me that she has had the success she has and will continue to! Rivers even came and asked me for a job last year… not to make a ton of cash 😉 but because she wanted to really learn around all aspects of the industry! That is someone who will go far! Love you Rivers!

What plans do you have for the upcoming summer that people need to know about?

Summer 2023! I’m excited already. We have so many events planned for all riders. The smallest dumbest thing I’m excited about is bringing the moms back for Moms & Mimosas. This year we have a masseuse coming out for free for the moms! Gotta love on all those wake moms out there inspiring their kids to ride! Other than that we have two big things. First, Nationals is back after 9 years! We are stoked to host again. We are even actively working on hacks and setups. Second, Wake for a Cause, Last Laps, and our 10 year anniversary! We are putting them all together. The day starts with our favorite charity event, a way to give back to the community, then we go into our 10 year celebration, capping off the night with the Last Laps video premieres on the big screen! It’s going to be an awesome day. Everyone come!

Has anybody ever gone bigger off the XL kicker than Daniel Grant at the Wake Park Triple Crown events?

Our XL kicker setups has to be one of the best! That one pic of Daniel straight sending to the moon with Tom cheering him on is iconic! My other favorite people to watch have been Chandler Powell, and Daniel again Ollie BS180 OVER IT ON A FREAKING WAKESKATE!