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Team LF running it!

Welcome back from an epic holiday weekend!  Just like being at the lake for July 4th is tradition, the LF team does their part by holding down the tradition of slaying it over the past week.  Let’s dive in?


OFest – Aarhus Denmark, a system 2 event in the middle of a metropolis area in conjunction with several other events, already sounds all time am I right?  Well it was because our guy Gavin Stuckey is on a podium streak right now by securing silver at this event.  If you want a preview for what it was like, go check Gavin’s latest insta post.  Consists of signing autographs, hanging with fans, doing an mind-blowing rail to rail transfer, showing how flexy the Butterstick Pro is and of course landing on the podium.  Congrats Gavin!


Speaking of OFest, you gotta see Frontline’s Benny Heatley’s switch mute double mobe.  Best thing you will see on the net this week!  Go check it on his insta.  


Have you watched Guenther Oka’s burning bridges 2.0 yet?  Definitely give this one a view.  Best tow foil video out right now!  He and a few other boys go threading the needles around some bridges and their pillars on their foils.   Sketch factor to the fullest as there is so much that could go really wrong.  I don’t want to be a spoiler, so you gotta watch it yourself.  Guenther gets crazy creative with what all you can not only do on a foil, but how to get wild in your environment.


We got a big week on the horizon, PWT in SLC for boat and the Embily open in Slovakia for park.  Check back in with me next week for an update on those. 


Til the next episode!