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As one of two full-size cable parks in Northern California, Wake Island is a must-visit if you're ever in the region. Firsts of all, the park is huge, featuring the cable park lake, a second lake with a gigantic aqua-park setup (including floating cabanas for parents who want to chill and human hamster wheels for those who want all the laughs they can handle). Over the years Wake Island has played host to a bunch of special Liquid Force events, including Free 4 All rides and demos. We caught up with owner Noel Carter to get the lowdown on how Wake Island got its start, what it has planned for the upcoming season, and a whole lot more.

Give us a quick history of Wake Island… where you’re located, when you opened, and how you got involved in cable wakeboarding.

Growing up in Northern California, I lacked access to a boat and never learned to wakeboard. After college, I landed a telecom job in Bangkok, Thailand, where a close friend introduced me to cable wakeboarding at a local park. My passion for cable wakeboarding was ignited. The renowned Thai Wake Park became a significant inspiration, and upon returning to the US with my then-girlfriend, we chose Northern California as our preferred location to establish a watersports park. The rest is history.

What makes the park different and how do you set yourself apart?

We take pride in offering activities for the entire family. Recognizing that not all family members are interested in the Wake Park, we provide various attractions and amenities. In terms of the cable wake park, our focus is on growing the sport and developing a successful business model. Contrary to the belief that other cable parks are competitors, I am convinced that major metropolitan areas need multiple cable parks to maximize the sport's potential.

What’s the next big area of focus for Wake Island (if you care to share)?

In 2023 and the upcoming seasons, our emphasis is on revitalizing our Wake Park to maximize profitability. We aim to create a replicable model to share with potential park owners interested in staring their own cable wake park. I encourage anyone interested in opening a cable park to reach out for insights, and the same goes for existing park owners—we need to keep the communication channels open.

What is the best part of being involved in the cable park business and the wake industry?

The community created around the cable park is unparalleled. While other attractions at Wake Island are enjoyable, they don't foster the same sense of community as our loyal cable park customers/friends.