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What's Your Favorite Wake Shop?

At Liquid Force, we're all about supporting local shops and the watersports community. Our commitment to our dealers goes beyond just selling gear – it's about building relationships and nurturing a passion for the water. When you shop local, you're not just getting top-quality products; you're supporting your community and the enthusiasts who live and breathe water sports, while simultaneously helping that community to grow. We provide our dealers with the tools they need to offer exceptional service and expertise, ensuring that every experience on the water is unforgettable. So next time you gear up, remember to support your local shop and dive into the Liquid Force experience!

There are tons of killer wake shops out there, and we LF'n love our network of dealers, but is yours the best?! We're kicking off a new social media campaign - "Your Favorite Wake Shop" - and we want to hear from you. Post a picture of yourself at your local shop (maybe perusing some of that awesome LF gear they carry) and be sure to tag @liquidforcewake so we can share it to our story. Let's get the LF'n awesome retailers the love they deserve!