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Ride with the Pro's Europe!

Already July which is wild!  Mid summer here we are!  Hopefully it’s been a great one for you all!  Loads went down this past weekend, so let’s dive in.


Ride with the Pros Europe!  This past weekend we had two separate Ride with the Pros events go down, one in Lithuania and the other in Italy.  The guys over at Boardsports hosted veteran Nico vL, Rivers Hedrick and Frontliner Nils Ritzmann.  From everything I gathered, this one went off!  I mean when your stops are at Wakeway, Vanduo Marse and 313, the weather is warm and the cable is packed, how could it have not been epic.  Stoked to see the crew crush it getting everyone at all those parks locked into some 4d bindings and some LF boards. 


The 2nd RWTP stop was at both Wake Paradise’s in Italy.  Konni Lehndorf, Busty Dunn and Gavin Stuckey kicked it with our Italian distros and our internal legend Nathan Dodds.  Typical Italy delivering the epic weather and the glass at each park.  The crew absolutely slayed it riding doubles with all the groms and of course getting people on the water with LF under their feet.  Special thanks to both crews that went out and worked their tails off at this past weekend’s Ride with the Pros events. 


IWWF European’s was this past weekend up in the UK at Whitemills park.  And you know that there cannot be an event of any kind without LF on the podium.  Our guy Loic Deschaux has officially made his return back to events and locked himself in on a silver at the event.  Knowing Loic, he didn’t hold back and pushed the level of riding up a huge notch.  Aside from Loic, Italian rider Nicole Regazzo also scored herself a silver at Europeans.  Insane!  Congrats to both Nicole and Loic on representing and riding so well!


I could go on even further about more that went down this past weekend, but I will save it for you for next week following the American holiday.  To those of you that are in the USA, Happy 4th of July!  I hope you all are out on either a cable or a boat this week either wakeboarding, foiling, surfing or wakeskating.  Have a great one!