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Ride With the Pros - Salt Lake City, UT

The Liquid Force Crew had an amazing time this past weekend at the "Ride with the Pros" event held at Lake Jordanelle, Utah. The day began with some cloud coverage, but as people started arriving around 9 AM, the clouds dispersed, revealing a stunning blue sky. The breathtaking mountain scenery made for a perfect backdrop to the event.

As people started showing up, we asked them what gear they wanted to try. There was a lot of interest in our Unity Aero, as well as the Reign Pro, which is Jake Caster's pro model. We were eager to get our wakeboard enthusiasts out on the water!

We kicked off the event with two brothers, Brock and Brayden, who were both intermediate riders. Brock took an interest in our Unity Aero and was instantly flying across the wake! Meagan Ethell gave him a few pointers, and he ended up making a toe-side wake-to-wake for the first time ever. When Brock finished, he had a huge smile on his face and said it was the best he had ever wakeboarded.

His brother Brayden went next and decided to try riding Jake Caster's Reign Board. With a few pointers, Brayden managed to pull off a 360 by the end of his session, something he said he had never even come close to doing before. All the excitement on the boat got their dad stoked, so he tried the Reign as well and loved it.

Rider Kacey Savage tried out the M.E Aero and was also instantly flying across the lake. After some warm-up laps, she was throwing rolls and 360s! One couple got some tips from Jake on the Reign and immediately headed to Marine Products to grab the last two Reign Boards they had in stock. Throughout the event people were trying our Quattro, Flyers and Bullox as well. The rest of the day was spent watching our pros ride, listening to some good tunes, and enjoying the beautiful scenery that Utah has to offer.

After the long boat day, the crew grilled up some burgers and hung out with the fans. Overall, it was a fun day on the water, and special thanks to Sam at Marine Products for the pulls all day! We hope to see you all at future Ride with the Pros events!