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Ride With the Pros - Wake Island

The vibes were at an all time high, this past Saturday at Wake Island Water Sports, as the Liquid Force “Ride with the Pros” series (US edition) kicked off!

The weather could not have been more ideal… warm enough to want to spend hours in the water, but not too hot, and the wind was minimal… it made for a great day of hanging on the dock, and taking laps on the water!

From the jump, it was obvious that the crowd was anxious for the chance test out some new LF gear and to meet the pros and ride with the pros.  Although the event didn’t “officially” kick off until noon, people started arriving at 10:30 and Noel and his team decided to open up early to get the party started!  The LF crew brought a solid lineup of TAO, Illusion, BS Pro, and Peak boards for those with some riding experience to test out… in addition, a fleet of TAO boots and Peak 4D boots were on hand.  For those a bit “newer” to the cable scene, the normal LF rental fleet that Wake Island keeps on hand was given out to any in need of a setup.

The Wake Island crew had recently “hacked” their setup by moving a few of the features to different spots on the lake and the locals, as well as the pros on hand, had a blast testing the new lineup out!

Luca Kidd, Daniel Grant, and Matty Muncey spent the day riding doubles with the local kids, helping people get fitted with gear, and overall just wowing the crowd with their incredible riding!  For not being known as a “Cable Guy”, Luca may have set a world record for Cable laps… the kid was on the water non-stop!  Matty could be seen on the water all day, and when he wasn’t, he was holding the camera and talking to all the locals about the event, documenting the day.

When the day was wrapping up and the event was officially “over”, the party began… several locals like Pat Milo (artist on all LF TAO boards) and Kaesen Syderhound showed up to join the festivities and enjoy the late day of sunshine… when things slowed down a bit, Daniel Grant decided it was time to put on a show!  He reminded us all why most consider him the GOAT when it comes to cable riding, especially when hitting kickers!  DG absolutely launched off the kickers near the start dock and everyone was having a blast watching!  It’s one thing to see riders at this level in video, but a completely different thing to see it live and in person… Definitely a highlight for most in attendance!

Another late highlight of the day came from one of the locals, CJ Wook (aka, @lusckouz.lockz)… the kid landed his first kickflip on his TAO skate after trying for nearly an hour (on top of 100’s of other tries on previous days)… with the help of Daniel Grant, he was able to stomp one and the crowd went wild… the kid’s enthusiasm was contagious and made for a great celebration at the end of the day!

Overall, a great day was had by all and many thanks are owed to the entire Wake Island crew… Noel Carter has a great team up there and their park should be on everyone’s travel “bucket list”!

That’s it for now… we hope to see you all at one of the upcoming RWTP events later this Summer!