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Ride With the Pros - Teleski Nautique Cote-d'Or

The event went really well and was a big success all round. We had an exceptional weekend with the riders and the TNCO staff, with plenty of people joining us over the weekend.

On the Friday evening, we picked up the riders in Geneva, Switzerland and headed to the Côte d'Or in France. Our destination was TNCO (Teleski Nattique Côte d'Or) cablepark, the land of good wine and good food!

On Saturday morning, after a cold night, the riders took possession of the park and enjoyed a private stretch of water just for them. With the cable to themselves we were able to capture some awesome shots!

In the afternoon, the young TNCO local riders tried out the 2024 LF boards and were coached by the pros Claudia Pagnini, Rudy Tallboys and Benny Heatley. They were really going for it! Rudy and Claudia put on their best French.

At the end of the day, we organised a contest where the riders had to judge the best tricks and elect the kings of TNCO. The young (and not so young) riders from TNCO gave it their all to impress our Liquid Force riders. It was fantastic! The riders signed autographs, had a few beer and then went to bed! It was a peaceful end to an awesome day.

The following day, we continued with coaching sessions, board tests and riding for those who weren't there on Saturday, before returning to Annecy on Sunday evening. Our warmest thanks go to our hosts for the weekend, Francis and Elfie, all the TNCO staff and our three riders, Rudy, Claudia and Benny.

“The RWTP event at TNCO in France was all time! Had so much fun with all the crew that came out to demo some boards and have a shred. TNCO’s hospitality was incredible, and everyone was super lovely and excited to get involved. My favourite part was the mini kicker contest where all the local grommies threw down and put on an amazing show, we were very impressed, and then got to ride ourselves which I was super excited about because TNCO is such a sick cable! All in all, an incredible time with incredible people, and hope to get back out there soon!”