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Team LF Cleaning Up In Park Events

Wow what a week it has been last week.  As you all know I love to talk and damn there was so much to talk about.  And to my apologies to you all, you are going to have to wait.  Why do you ask?  Because I don’t want to let what happen over the past 2 weekends get lost after I were to ramble on what went down at Lake Lanier this past week.  So let’s talk about some events. 


Red Bull Wake Duel!  This event went down over at 313 cable park.  This place has become a riders dream and what I would call a super park.  The park itself has 3 full size cables and loads of unit features of all different skill levels.  Tons of unique one-of-a-kind ones too.  Anyhow they hosted one of the largest full size park events of the year that has a super unique format, Wake Duel.  And of course, 2/3 of the podium had the same last name, with our own Gavin Stuckey in the silver position.  My guy rode against his brother in the super final and slayed all day long.  Congrats Gavin!


Same event our ladies showed up too.  Of the top 4, half of them were LF’ers.  With Claudia Pagnini locking up the bronze and Sanne Meijer rounding it out in 4th.  Claudia’s first event back from injury and I would say she rode pretty insane!  Congrats Cla and Sanne!


So be ready for every single week to have Gavin’s name included in these updates.  Gavin secured himself another silver this past weekend too also in Lithuania, but over at the Hacker contest at splash wakepark.  A perfect name for the event as they had some unreal hacks that our guy Gavin of course rocked!  My person fav was the Felix 2 hack with the wall, it be wildin!  Well done again GS and also a blated bday too!

Lastly, Bernsteinsee Open went down this past weekend and the steez master himself Konni Lehndorf pulled off the W!  Not much to find on this event, but all we need to know is what matters and that is that our guy Konni secured the bag!  Congrats Konni!


Next week we will recap the 2025 boat shoot, just wait……..


Til the next episode,