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LF Team Heating UP

Happy Monday LF!


Just like the weather out, our team is heating up!  Seriously for it being just the start of events season, we are landing golds left and right, men’s and women’s. 


I didn’t want this to get lost in last week’s recap, so I held onto it for this week’s.  But Memorial Day weekend was also the Wake the Canyon/Texas State Boat Championships in Lubbock Texas.  Luca Kidd and Daniel Johnson came in and raided the city red when they murdered the competition.  Luca laced a solid run locking up gold and Frontline athlete Daniel Johnson locked up 3rd.  Grats boys!  And to add to it, grommy Michael Parham won Jr. Novice Boys.  If you don’t know Michael yet, go check out our latest “what pulls you” on his and our instas.  Kid is so rad and is ripping!  Future Harley Clifford in the making!


Speaking of Daniel Johnson, this past weekend was the first stop of the broken record tour at Terminus Wake Park.  None other than one of the hardest workers there is, DJ winning Pro Men!  What is wild about Daniel is that he got 3rd in pro men’s the weekend before and then wins park the following weekend.  Not to mention worked a full week over at OTown in between the two events.  Literally one of the hardest workers there is.  Stoked and congrats Daniel!


And to wrap up this past week, you may or may not have gotten a sneak peak of our 2025 LF Foils shoot down in Turks and Caicos.  Can’t say too much here, but just know that everything this shoot entailed will be all time!  Guaranteed!  I mean mix in crystal clear waters, the best wake foilers in the game, wake boats, and loads of other really special nuggets, you will get one of the greatest shoots of all time.  Ohh and what’s under their feet is going to revolutionize this sport…….  If you want to hear about it straight from the source, ask Guenther Oka, Meagan Ethell, Harely Clifford, Jake Caster and Luca Kidd.


Have a great week everyone.  Til the next episode!