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Officially official LF Summer!

Officially official!   Its finally here, SUMMER!  And personally to me, memorial day weekend is what I refer to as the kickoff to summer!  And over this past weekend, team LF was out doing the best of summer things!


So I have been doing these weekly updates for a bit now and I have to say this past weekend left me the most hyped since I have been doing this.  Why do you ask?  Its because our LF ladies not only showed up, but turned up at Masters this past weekend!  I am talking about Meagan Ethell, Zahra Kell, Euge de Armas and Alice Virag.  The entire Masters pro women’s final consisted of just these ladies, so an all LF final!  And of course winning it for her 8th time was main event Meagan Ethell.  And this was no easy feat too, Zahra went out and put it down right before Meagan rode too along with Euge.  Congrats to Meagan and all these women for DOMINATING!!!!!  Meagan with the gold, Zahra with the silver, Euge with the bronze and Alice rounding out the final!


2 for 2 on podiums this year.  How is that possible when events just started and who could that be?  Guenther Oka, who else?  The man got 3rd at Masters this weekend!  First boat event back and he started right back where he left off, slaying it at events.  So here we are now, Guenther has a silver at LAO (a park event) and then follows it up with a bronze at Masters (a boat event).  What can’t this man do?  At this point I am afraid that a paradox might happen at the wedding when Meagan and him get married haha. 


Lastly, Claudia Pagnini, Rudy Talboys and Benny Heatley were off in France this past weekend for the first set of Ride with the Pro’s.  Claudia headed up the frontline boys as they got loads of peeps out on the water and on LF gear at TNCO in Dijon France.  If you want a sneak peek you might be able to check their stories and see a little bit, but be on the lookout for a recap once that drops. 


Stay tuned for next week, loads are happening this week with even more on the horizon.  Til the next episode,