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LF at the top all weekend long!

What a weekend it was!  I hope you all stayed tuned to both the park and boat events that occurred this past weekend as team LF did their thang and dominated as always!


Lets start off with the most dominating of them all.  Claudia Pagnini is officially back y'all!  That’s right, she secured the bag by winning Waldbad Summer Jam!  After being out all last year with a broken leg and then getting injured again during practice at her first event back (LAO) this year, she is back on top winning gold's just like she was pre injury!  Summer Jam is located at Waldbad two tower park in the mountains in Austria and has become a part of the summer tour of park riders in Europe.  The event is known for its killer vibes, great views and fun times.  Let's also add in that Claudia did a KGB 540 and to my knowledge that is the first one to ever go down in a contest by a female.  Congrats Cla!


Keeping it rolling with Summer Jam, our boys Joe Battleday with a 2nd and Nilz Ritzmann with a 3rd landed on the podium too.  Joe of course got that silver by nailing an insane heelside bs 9 that he late grabbed melon longer that most could grab without a spin!  Nils is becoming one of the most consistent riders these days and what separates him in my opinion is not only is the power that he rides with, but also his selection of both unique lines and trick choices.  Love watching that Nils takes a slightly different approach to his contest riding by focusing on things that most riders don’t do or have not thought about.  Props Nils and Joe!


Now on to the boat, it was the first stop of the PWT this past weekend in Indianapolis and the most entertaining rider on the team, Luca Kidd locked up 3rd place at the event.  I personally got to watch Luca ride a bunch the week before during the 2025 product shoot and he was stomping grabbed back 9’s off the wake no biggie, so I can easily see why Luca landed on the podium this past weekend,  Kidd is riding so well and what is even more impressive is how great he is with customers and kids.  My other personal shoutout to Luca is during our 2025 boat product shoot, Luca rode with a local grommet and I could not have been anymore stoked to see how great he was with the kid.  Luca rode doubles with him, hyped him up and kicked it with him as if he was a member of La Familia.  Speaking of La Familia, Luca you owe Joe Highfill and I shirts………


Have a great week ahead everyone!